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Perfect Winter Skin

It’s the end of summer and time to get out the sweaters, jackets and boots!  But your wardrobe is not the only thing that needs attention.  You skin care needs a switch too!

Just follow these three simple changes.

First grab a great sugar scrub to polish away tan lines and uneven, dead skin.  ‘Yummy’ scrubs are terrific because they mix sugars and salts for perfect results.  You will love how clean and smooth you feel after an all over treatment!

Then grab a rich, moisturizing body butter.  Apply generously to special areas like knees, heels, elbows and cuticles.  Do this twice a day to keep skin pliable and smooth.

Finally, slather on a light, silky lotion like ‘Meringue Plus’ to the rest of your body.  This will lock in moisture and ensure that your skin glows and remains touchably soft!

Just maintain this simple routine through out the cold winter.  We guarantee it will keep you looking and feeling utterly amazing. And don’t be surprised when your friends ask what your secret is…because we know they will!

Now…If you really want to pamper yourself add a natural bar soap!  Soaps made the old fashioned way contain glycerin for moisture.  They are even better when made with skin loving ingredients like herbs, flowers, oats, honey, coco butter or shea butter!  Your skin will feel so amazing when you switch to a natural soap you will wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.

To top off your skin care routine add specialty products like creamy facial cleansers, face moisturizers and under eye herbal treatments.  They will make you smile!

Surround your happy face with shiny, healthy, strong hair.  Use a ‘hot oil treatment’ infused with herbs twice a month to repair damage from wind, sun and blow dryers.  And use a daily conditioner to keep hair in good shape in between treatments!

Finally remember…when your feet feel good your whole body feels better!  So treat them weekly to a reviving, minty, epsom soak and rich, soothing, cooling creams!

There is nothing as good as freshly made, natural bath and body products. They feel different, work different, are much more effective and they are simply better for you.  Don’t you and your family deserve the very best?  Of course you do!

Debbie Borges