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The Best Type of Fake Tan to Use

When it comes to the summer months, you can never quite rely on the British weather to provide the sunshine in order to give your skin the dose of vitamin D. Fake tanning has revolutionised in the past few years, and allows people to grab the bottle and give their skin that sun kissed glow. Because of this surge in fake tan usage, there are now more bottles and brands than ever on the shelves, and for first timers, this can be a little daunting. Have a read on to make sure that you pick the best fake tan method for you, and top tips to get the right colour for you.

There are three main types of tanning application methods: instant, gradual and self-tan. For those who are new to fake tanning, the best option to go for first of all is the gradual fake tan. This is just moisturiser with a subtle tanning effect. The moisturiser requires little attention to detail, and doesn’t require much maintenance. The moisturiser can be applied every day, or every other day to gradually build up and prolong your glowing skin. Once you’ve achieved a shade which you desire, you can drop the application to a few times a week.

The wash-off, or instant tan tends to be a hit for those who need a quick top up, usually for a night out or event. The instant tan can be in the form of a cream, mousse or gel, and most will guarantee a streak-free glow. However, a lot of the time, this is when people can trip up and make some fatal mistakes. When applying instant fake tan, you must ensure that you buff your skin in preparation, and ensure that you apply using the mitt in a circular motion to achieve an even coverage. Also, only apply one layer, and don’t panic if something goes wrong. One of the worst mistakes to make when fake tanning it to reapply over the same area straight away. This just creates a build-up and uneven distribution of tan. Leave the tan for a few hours, lightly buff the incorrect tan in the shower and reapply when dry.

For a prolonged tan that can last up to a week, there are a range of additional self-tanning products which provide sun kissed skin for a longer period of time without washing off or transferring onto clothes. You can either use a mousse, lotion or mist, depending on your preferred method and skin type. For those with drier skin, you’re best off opting for the lotion as this will moisturise and tan your skin. Spray tanning the mist is an easy way to achieve a glow, and you won’t have to deal with the dreaded orange palm when applying, but will require careful precision and attention to avoid streaks and patches.

When choosing your tanning shade, you will need to look at your skin colour, and eye and hair colour. For example, those with white blonde hair will have naturally fair skin, and so a dark tan may not look the most realistic.

Jack Kyle