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Enhance Your Beauty: Five Things To Avoid When Applying Makeup

1. Never apply makeup in dark or dim lights. Beauty experts say that lighting has a huge role in how one sees colors therefore it is important to apply makeup in areas that have clear and bright lighting. In fact, experts advise applying makeup as much as possible in as close to daylight. Applying in dark or dim lights can give the person the impression that their look is already good although there are unwanted smudges or marks on their faces.

2. Never buy a foundation with just matching its shade on one’s wrist, hand, or arm. This is the most common mistake for girls. The ideal parts of the body that one should match with the shade of their foundation should be the side of the cheek, the sides of the face, and between the nose. Also, when applying it, it should look as natural as possible as too much foundation can highlight one’s flaws instead of covering it.

3. Never overdo eye makeup. It is every girl’s dream to highlight their eyes when they use makeup to make it more alluring. What they don’t realize is that they end up overdoing everything. Beauty experts advise that it is better to keep everything simple and just choose simple colors on the eyelids.

4. Never massage the primer in. Some beauty experts suggest on applying a primer before foundation however others don’t. If one chooses to apply a primer, just remember not to massage the primer in as it can cause skin irritation and never apply anything on the face without cleansing and prepping the skin.

5. Never apply multiple moisturizers. While moisturizers are great for the skin, it can cause skin irritations too and skin breakouts if overly done. Take one moisturizer at a time.

By Holley K Edison