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Ionic Treatment To Restore Damaged Hair

The quest for beautiful tresses has caused people to experiment with different types of treatments and solutions. As a result of these experiments, many have ended up with coarse and frizzy hair with the passage of time. There are many others, though, for whom problematic hair is a biological problem. No matter what the reason is for your hair woes, you can take heart by the fact that there are a number of good options such as ionic treatment that can help you get the hair you’ve always wanted.

Ion hair treatments are being increasingly chosen in order to deal with hair woes. These treatments involve the use of products that use the principles of chemistry to deal with problematic hair and to alter its texture. In hair that is normal, there is a perfect balance of positive and negative ions. Damaged tresses, on the other hand, causes the hair to have positive ions and the balancing factor with the negative does not exist or is negligible.

Ion treatment involves using tools and therapies that emit negative ions that interact appropriately to balance out the charge. The end result is a beautiful and healthy mane. The following ion treatments are available to restore ion balance and get beautiful tresses.

Ion Flat Irons

The usual types of flat irons are non-ion models. In ion flat irons, however, negative ions combine with infrared heat to straighten and smooth hair extremely fast and without heat damage. The flat irons that emit these negative ions do so in a way that reconditions the hair shaft, distribute heat evenly and replenish the ion imbalance that might have earlier caused frizzy or rough hair. Ion flat irons are quite safe and can be used without worrying about further hair damage. After all, this is an option to treat damaged hair, and if used properly, will not cause further damage.

Ionic Hair Dryers

Negative ions that are emitted by ion hair dryers reseal the hair cuticle and restore hair balance by breaking down water molecules on wet hair and cause them to penetrate the hair shaft in microscopic particles. This leaves hair extra shiny as well as moist and healthy. All ion hair dryers are full of negative ion energy irrespective of their pricing. Therefore, this option is not limited to just an elite few who wish to have great hair. Get rid of your traditional hair dryer and opt for an ionic hair dryer to get beautiful shiny hair that will be the envy of everyone.

Ion Beauty Products

Creams and serums that aid in correcting the ion imbalance in the hair are available. These are best used in conjunction with ion flat irons or ionic dryers. While these products emit negative ions that get infused into your tresses with use, conditioners, serums, creams and other ion beauty hair products help to lock these ions into the hair. This enhances the effect of the ion treatment and also aids in natural restoration of the hair’s moisture level. The best way to find the right ion beauty product is to visit your stylist and get suggestions.

Joy N