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Want To Buy The Best Pair Of Skinny Jeans For You? Follow These Wonderful Tips

When it comes to buying jeans, you get so many options to choose from. Although wearing jeans has been customary from decades, the fashion and designs have consistently kept changing.

While buying jeans, you might be confused if you should choose a loose fit, comfort fit, or a skinny fit. Moreover, you will also have to decide if you want to go with the original plain denims, or for the latest designer printed ones. In this post, we shall look into things that you need to consider while purchasing jeans for yourself.

Consider your body size as well as shape

Everyone on earth can wear tight skinny jeans, but it depends how you style them. Whether you have got curvier figure or fuller hips, if you style them beautifully, you are surely going to look gorgeous.

If your body is curvy, then you can go for skinny jeans coupled with mid-calf high boots. It will maintain the balance of your lower leg portion. If you wear a tunic or long shirt, then it will add a new charm to your look.

Now, if you have a slim figure like those fashion models, then low waist jeans can be the best option for you. You can even get your pair of jeans a bit skinnier and can even have it tapered at the ankles and calves. It will create a lovely illusion making your hip area a bit more wide.

What if you are amazingly tall? Well, you are one of those lucky women, who can get into any type of skinny jeans and look awesome. However, the ones with higher rises can be more flattering. In case you are too conscious about the length of your leg, then buying international branded jeans with lower rise is a good option.

What is the shape of your butt?

You would not want to buy a pair of jeans that looks presentable from the front side, but makes your butt look terrible. Therefore, the position and placement of the pockets at the back is also a key factor for choosing the perfect pair.

If your bottom is in shape, then any type of jeans will look great on you. However, if you have fuller bottom, then you need to select jeans carefully. You can go with the one that has pockets at the bottom of your cheeks. This will drive the attention from your butt.

Once you have your hands on the perfect pair of jeans, there is nothing that can stop you from looking gorgeous at all times.

Rajesh B Sanghvi