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Understanding The Different Types Of Bangle Bracelets

Bangle bracelets are known for their inflexible shapes. Unlike chains, you can’t adjust their length; therefore, when making the purchase you need to ensure that the bangle you buy easily fits your wrist.

Types Of Bangles

There are many types of bangle bracelets. They include:

Solo: a solo bangle is ideal for you if you don’t like wearing many bracelets. When buying a solo bangle you should ensure that you buy one with a powerful presence-it should stand out and draw attention to your arm. For ideal results, you should go for a thick bracelet.

Multiple: they are ideal for you if you like wearing bracelets as a set. Although, multiple bangles are great to look at, they tend to get entangled which results to them scratching each other. To avoid a lot of damage you should ensure that you go for those made from a tough material.

For a classy look you should go for bracelets with one style. For example, if one bracelet is round in shape, you should ensure all the others are round in shape.

Gemstone: gemstone bangle bracelets are small in size and at the same time stand out from the crowd. For a great look, you should go for a bangle with a gem that reflects light. One great example is a diamond bracelet. It’s also wise to go for bright coloured gems such as sapphires and rubies. The cool thing with bright colours is that they attract a lot of attention.

Gold: gold bangles are the most popular in the market. Many people are usually confused buying the right ones as they don’t know the right carat weight that they should go for. When buying the bracelets, you should always remember that the most expensive isn’t always the best option.

There are many types of gold that you can choose from. For example, you can buy white, rose, or even yellow. White gold bangles are usually coated with rhodium plating which makes them brighter and elegant. While the plating is great, it tends to crack and peel away thus creating an uneven look.


These are some of the most popular types of bangle bracelets in the market. As mentioned, you should buy a bangle that fits you perfectly for you to be comfortable. If you are buying a clasp-less bangle, you should ensure that it’s large enough and can easily slide through your closed hand when you put it on.

Idd Aziz