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Why Being Taylor Swift’s Awards Show Date Would Be the Best Thing Ever

There are many reasons someone would want to be Taylor Swift – her undeniable talent, legions of fans, adorable pets and ridiculously awesome wardrobe.

However, we’d totally settle for being her plus-one to an awards show.

Why, you ask?

Here are three reasons based on Swift’s big night at Sunday’s American Music Awards:

1. She knows how to have a great time

We’ve all seen the GIFs: Taylor dancing and singing along to song after song from her prime seat in the audience. You know why it stands out? Because in a sea of people acting and looking cool, she’s doing exactly what we would want to be doing: rocking out! After all, that’s what one should do when they’re in the presence of awesome musicians giving it their all.

2. She’s supportive

While it was her big night – she gave her first live performance of “Blank Space” and received the Dick Clark Award for Excellence – she didn’t forget to support those near and dear to her. From Lorde to Selena Gomez, Dianna Agron, Sam Smith – and even former paramour Harry Styles – she was often among the first ones cheering for them as they took the stage, performed and snagged awards. All that positive karma-sharing is definitely a good thing to be around!

3. She’s the ultimate introducer

Probably because she’s such a good friend – and well, rules the world – Swift pretty much knows everyone. And let’s face it: a big perk of being in a room of famous people is meeting said famous people – and maybe taking a selfie featuring an A-list cameo!

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