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Take Care of Your Weave and It Will Take Care of You

Weaving hair comes in all textures, lengths, and prices but one thing all hair has in common is you have to take care of it. If you take care of your weave, it will take care of you. Sounds silly, but the truth is, as long as you treat your hair right, it will keep you looking good.

There is nothing worse than tangling, shedding, or matted hair. If you’ve ever had a weave, you know what I mean. Strands of hair all over the place, matting in the back of your head, and having to comb your hair constantly to prevent tangling. This is all time consuming and too much to deal with when there are three easy solutions.


Professional install doesn’t mean you have to go to a salon to get your hair done. It means you have to have your weave installed correctly to maintain your look. It doesn’t matter if you are getting a sew-in or you prefer the glue method, if it’s not done correctly it simply will not last.

Tracks showing, glue along the hairline, horrible blending of natural hair with weaving hair are all hair catastrophes. The web is full of photos of women who either did it themselves or had their “best friend” who never finished cosmetology school experiment on their hair. It’s just awful.


Whether you have straight, kinky, curly, Brazilian, Malaysian, Peruvian hair it all requires maintenance, just like your natural hair. You must keep it clean and moisturized to prevent frizzing and tangling.

Covering your head at night or using a silk pillow will also maintain your look. Even kinky styles, require care, so don’t think that because you have the “freestyle” look that you can just get up and go. Keeping your hair clean and moisturized is key to keeping your hair looking good.


The most important piece of this article is the type of hair you purchase. Just as with anything in life, you have the good the bad and the ugly, and when it comes to hair there is no difference. You get what you pay for when it comes to purchasing weaving hair and this is where most people make their biggest mistake. They buy cheap hair – and cheap doesn’t mean inexpensive; there are plenty of companies selling overpriced hair that just doesn’t measure up to the standards – and spend big money to have it installed only to find out over the course of a few weeks, their fantastic weave is slowly dying. That’s right, just shoot me for wearing this awful hair!

While there are tons of choices, there are only a few top of the line hair distributors. We all know that hair is not cheap. This is a billion dollar industry that is growing rapidly as entertainers, models, and even men (beard weaves) get on the weave bandwagon. Bottom line is, if you want cheap, head over to your local beauty supply store; if you want fabulous, you have to buy from top of the line distributors.

Kimberly Best