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How To Look Good Without Getting Lost In Trends

Wherever you look there are stylish, hip and quite daring blokes everywhere. From bold prints to unusual cuts and the kind of styles that only the brave can pull off; today’s designers and high street stores have an unusually audacious range of clothing. For the average man who shies away from all of this, mens fashion can be very scary.

Thanks to a growing number of celebrities, musicians and footballers; expectations are high. Men off all ages are today expected to ensure that they make as much effort as possible and do whatever they can to lead the style stakes. For many this is easy; watching the catwalks, keeping a close eye on what your favourite celebrity is wearing and tracking the latest trends introduced in your high street store is exciting but for some… it’s a nightmare.

Personally I love keeping up with the latest trends and trying something new after all you only live once right? Understandably however for many blokes this isn’t an easy task and something you don’t even want to think about doing.

Wearing the latest floral prints, overdoing the denim and dressing like a 60’s mobster might be in season but it’s not everyone’s cup of tea however that doesn’t mean that you cannot look good.

Hate trend watching but want to look your best? Then keep the following points in mind…

· Simplicity– classic simple styles always work best whatever the occasion. From a traditional shirt and trousers to a simple blazer over your jeans for a smarter casual look; stick to what you know best and don’t try to overdo it.

· Quality- trends will come and go but quality will never fade. Whether it is your shirt, jacket or casual polo if you are a fan of the simpler styles then invest in quality. Designer menswear labels are popular for a reason; the quality of the fabric, the stitching and the overall creation of a piece is unbeatable. It doesn’t matter how basic your choices, nothing is more stylish then a man who knows quality.

· Colour- Whether you are used to sticking to one particular style or have certain favourites that you don’t want to let go off, don’t be afraid to interject a bit of colour. Whether you do this subtly with a tie, swap your usual black suit for a navy one or consider something other than grey for your jacket; a good inclusion of colour can always look good. This doesn’t mean that you have to start wearing yellow trousers or you have to look like a walking rainbow. By simply switching your usual colour palette with a few different shades, you could change your whole look.

Trend watching isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but that doesn’t mean you have to fall behind in the style stakes. Stick to what you know best and there is no reason why, whatever the occasion, you can’t look your best.


By A. Luke