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Play With Your Hair! Go Straight! Go Curly!

The gorgeous actresses on Television look picture perfect, and believe it or not, our eyes nearly burn out with jealousy looking at them. Many of us wonder why we can’t have silky and glossy hair with a cool hairstyle. But who says we cannot have that look?

Getting good looking hair is easy and you need not visit the salon daily and spend lots of money on your hair do’s. As a hairstyle freak, I tried almost every hairstyle and then realized how much I am in love with the super straight hair and the rock chick curls. And getting this look is not that difficult. All you need is:-

1. Use a mild shampoo: Changing your shampoo frequently is not a good idea, it causes hair fall. Also, using a shampoo with too many chemicals can damage your hair in a big way. So, stick to a mild shampoo which comes with no side effects and your makes your look fresh each day.

2. Dry up your hair with a dryer: Using hair stylers once in a blue moon is fine; though using it daily could be very harmful for your hair. So, dry up your hair with a dryer and add volume to your hair. Also get smooth hair in lesser time with minimum efforts.

3. Hair straightening: Get rid of frizzy and unmanageable hair which gets even more disastrous in the hot summers. It’s time to get silky straight hair easily with branded straightener that guarantees long lasting straight hair. You need not visit your parlor again and again; you can get the perfect look at home by buying the hair strengtheners available in the market.

4. Hair curlers: For the funky rock chic look, curl up your hair using the curlers. A good curler is a must, so try finding a branded curler in your budget. Also use a good hairspray and mousse so that the curls last long. Once you curl up your hair you can also make different hairstyles like tying them from the front and more.

5. Other stylers: You can also experiment with the other stylers which come in a pack. They include a variety of products for making your hair straight, giving you big curls or the small tight curls, waves or crimped hair without spending much. Get ready for any birthday party or marriage at your home. It goes without saying that you should not miss on using the serums and spray.

6. Get a haircut in every 2 months: It is advisable to get a haircut in every two months because using hair stylers can cause split ends, and damage your hair in other ways. So, a haircut will give you a fresh look and will help your hair grow faster.

You can learn to make innovative hairstyles like French braids, loose and tight buns, side swept ponytail and much more for an innovative makeover.

Ishita Kapoor