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Choosing The Best Bowling Ball For Enhancing Your Game

There are many considerations that you have to make if you want to choose the perfect bowling ball for enhancing your game. Although weight and size are important, these features alone will not help you to get the best performance. Following are a few additional factors to review, when ordering one of these items online or choosing one in-person.

It is first important to note that the weight of these items should be relative to the size of the user. Many experts suggest choosing an option that is no more or no less than 10% of your own body weight. For this reason, it is best to have a good idea of your approximate weight before you start shopping. If you are choosing a design that has been specially drilled to fit your hand specifically, however, you can add on a few pounds as you will not be able to tell the difference.

Cover stock is the next major consideration to make. This is the material that is used to coat the outside of these items. There are several materials that are typically used and each one will have a definite impact on how any particular design reacts to the surface of the floor. Thus, if you are trying to throw a wicked curve ball, you want to be sure to choose a cover stock that is supportive of your intentions.

Plastic cover stocks tend to work best for those who plan on making a lot of straight throws. Thus, you must consider your game and your usual strategies and throwing techniques. Although these designs can be a lot less costly than other options, they will not help you to get as much curvature upon your release.

Reactive resin and urethane cover stocks tend to be better for those who like to throw a lot of hooks. There are some affordable options among these and these tend to provide the best results for those who want to pick up spares on the opposite ends of the lane. If you do not have a lot of playing experience, however, you should seek professional advice in this area of your selection.

One of the most important features to invest in are finger holes that actually fit. As you play more and more, you will discover the superior benefits of having a ball shaped to actually fit your own hand. It takes a while to adjust to a better and more seamless fit, however, once you do, you will find that your game can start improving at an exponential rate.

James Vanderpool