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Fun and Fitness Rolled Into One

When you’re looking for fun things to do, do you even consider any type of indoor sports? Or are you like the common person who forgets that indoor sports can be an absolute ton of fun? If I were to ask 20 people for something super fun to do they would probably answer with the same tired old answers of “go to the beach,” “bowling “and even”play video games.” For shame! The majority of them wouldn’t even consider hitting up an indoor sports centre.

What is there to do at a Brisbane indoor sports centre? There’s a lot to do. You can get together with a group of your friends and go play indoor cricket, indoor netball, indoor soccer, and even beach volleyball. You can even form some teams and have some competitive play. It’s an excellent way to meet people, make new friendships, and get some much needed exercise. Most people don’t get enough exercise because of the weather. They don’t want to run around a wet and dirty playing field, so they put it off until it’s nicer out. You don’t ever have that problem when playing indoor cricket, indoor soccer, or indoor netball. The temperature is always going to be perfect for someone engaging in sports and exercise.

No one wants to end up sick or in the hospital from over exertion or heat stroke. Medical treatment can be expensive and time consuming. Take the temps that are too hot out of the equation and you will still be able to get together with friends and play some indoor sports. You are going to be doing your body a favour by playing at a Brisbane indoor sports centre . Not only are you not taxing your strength and energy by over exertion, you are still getting a healthy work out and the ability to socialise with others.

One of the most important things we can do as people is to interact with other people. Sure, it’s always fun now and then to spend a day at home, alone, playing video games or just reading a book. However, does that really give us the stimulation that we need? Of course not! We need to get onto an indoor netball or indoor beach volleyball court and burn off some energy. We need to feel the thrill of competition and sportsmanship. We can even get our friends, family, and co-workers together for some exercise and friendly competition. We can form our own leagues and have mini weekly tournaments. The loser has to buy the next round of smoothies.

If you’re looking for something fun to do, and get some great exercise while you’re at it, there are great indoor sports centres in Brisbane that tick both boxes. So what are you waiting for?

Chris Vella

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