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Romancing on Greek islands

Thousands of newlywed couples visit Greece to spend their honeymoon. The 6,000 Greek islands and islets are known for their natural beauty and manmade splendor. Be it beaches, cliffs, mountains, countryside or historical heritage Greece has everything, you get it.

Islands that you can visit in Greece on your honeymoon


This island offers some of the old charm. Influence of different cultures (Italian, Greek and English) is quite evident here. Walking through the Parisian style arcades hand in hand with your partner can be a great experience. Pastitsada is one of the popular delicacies of the place. Don’t forget to treat your partner this special dish.


Kefalonia is the largest and the prettiest island in the Ionian Sea. Assos is one of the biggest attractions of this island. It is a harbor village shaped as a horseshoe. The views from the village are considered best in the country, courtesy a Venetian castle and beautiful surroundings. You can try spiced fig cake which is considered a specialty of this honeymoon Greek island.


You can discover the grand past of Greece in this island. Places made by the inhabitants of the Minoan civilization are the major attractions here. It doesn’t mean Crete has less to offer in terms of natural tourist hotspot. Don’t forget to head out to the green water beaches. Balos beach has white and pink sand. It is ideal for snorkeling and swimming.


This island is known for its vibrant nightlife. Summer months are busiest tourist season here. During these months main streets in the island are packed with revelers. Since night is the only party time here you can make the most of the daytime at the Super Paradise beach. Sea Breeze Cocktail Bar is a great place to have drinks. There are many good and cost effective hotels in Mykonos. You can try hotels on the Ornos Bay which is away from crowd and noise. The steps from the hill descend to a calm and peaceful beach where you can spend some personal time with your partner when you are on your honeymoon to Greece.


If you want to get a feel of a Greek village life, head straight away to Naxos. The place some amazing beaches on the western coast. There is also a Venetian castle in the downtown. Besides, there are some ruin sites you can check out. Traditional villages are prime attractions of this island. This is quite evident by the signboard put up outside the town that reads ‘Villages’. There are 46 villages in all here. Each village had a café and bakery of its own.


Volcanic Milos has beaches with lots of diversity. You will beaches with different color of sands- black, white and rocky. You will also find different color of water- cobalt blue, emerald and aquamarine. You will around 80 beaches on this island each has its own specialty and charm.

Make it a point to visit all the above places when you got for your honeymoon in Greece.

Jack E Cox