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Places to visit in Rome: just for honeymooners

Rome is considered as one of the most romantic places in the world. No doubt, the city draws huge number of newlywed couples who come here to enjoy their honeymoon. There is so much to see and enjoy in Rome that you should make every minute you spend here count. Make a list of places you want to visit. Check below, this might help.

Things to do in Rome: just for honeymooners

San Luigi dei Francesi

Rome is a virtual museum. Not a single word of the statement can be disputed. San Luigi dei Francesi is a testimony to the statement made above. This is a church but houses some of the most renowned art works of the Renaissance. ‘Calling of Saint Matthew’, ‘the Angel, the Martyrdom of St. Matthew’ and ‘Saint Matthew’ are three of the most renowned works by Caravaggio, a master of the Renaissance period. Such collection is usually seen in a museum than a church. But as I said Rome is a living museum.

Giorgio de Chirico House

You can’t remain away from art for long in Rome. Giorgio de Chirico House is a great place to visit if you are a fan of recent art works. House of Giorgio de Chirico has become converted into museum and holds some of the masterpieces of the artist. A major part of the house has been left untouched since his death. So you can have peek at the way the mastered lived and worked.

Ponte Sisto Stroll

This is another trademark honeymoon places in Rome. Ponte Sisto Stroll is a place where you can know about the city from close distance. You can have stroll from one alley to another (vicolo to vicolo) surpassing shops that are quite affordable. While walking from Piazza Navona to Campo dei Fiori you will find a good number of flower and food shops. You can treat your spouse to the Italian delicacies. You will get lots of opportunities to give rose to your chosen one. Piazza Farnese and Renaissance palace are hard to miss. You can cross the Tiber to the enchanting Trastevere neighborhood. It’s likely that you will feel that the walk doesn’t come to an end, ever.

 Via del Governo Vecchio

How can you miss on some shopping experience when you are in Italy? Via del Governo Vecchio is the place where you should bring your spouse when you are enjoying your honeymoon in Rome. The place has almost everything to offer from bathing suits to fur items. Many of the articles you find here are not available in the United States. So don’t forget to visit this place.

Galleria Borghese

This is known as the best museum in Rome. The villa which houses the art collections is itself good enough to be kept in a museum. The villa is a 17th century monument. Though it has only 20 rooms , but the space has collection of some of the Renaissance and baroque art masterpieces by well known artists. Bernini sculptures are major attractions of the museum. You have to make advanced reservations for visiting Galleria Borghese.

Jack E Cox