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White Or Ivory Wedding Dress – Which is the Best Choice?

Should you choose a white or ivory wedding dress for your special day?
Choosing your wedding dress is probably one of the most important decisions you will make in planning your wedding. As the bride you want to outshine every other woman present and look extremely beautiful for your groom. But do you have to be in a white gown to do so?

Your Choices for a Traditional wedding
If you’re planning a traditional wedding, you may be thinking that a white dress is more in keeping with tradition. While this is true, and antique white, off-white, ivory, ecru and even an oyster color are excellent choices in keeping with the wedding tradition. This is good news since that means that either a white or ivory wedding dress will be traditional. Both shades lend themselves equally well to a traditional wedding theme. Ivory however, will give a bit more of a romantic and old fashion flavor depending on the style of dress you choose for your wedding.

Things you should consider in choosing the color of your wedding dress
The first thing you should consider in choosing your wedding dress is which color makes you look and feel more beautiful. Whether you choose a white or ivory wedding dress, it is important that the dress you choose makes you feel good about yourself.

While some women look stunning in a pure white dress while others may not. People with exceptionally pale complexions tend to look washed out with a bright white dress, while those with an exceptionally fair skin color may seem to glow beautifully in ivory or other off-white shade.

The best way to know which color looks right on you is to try on several dresses in white and ivory and make note of which dresses look better on you and why.

Your Choices for a Non-Traditional Wedding
For second marriages, more mature brides, and those renewing their vows, ivory seems to be a more traditional color than white. However, if your wedding is non-traditional then either a white or ivory dress is appropriate. Again you want to choose the color that you feel and look the best in.

Price Considerations
If price is a major factor in purchasing a dress, and these days price is always a factor, then choosing either a white or ivory dress may simply come down to which color of dress in the style you want is less expensive. There are many places you can get real bargains on wedding dresses and some of these offer a choice of either white or ivory in the same style.

Which color is more elegant, white or ivory?
Either a white or ivory dress can be extremely elegant. It all comes down to the style, workmanship, and the type of embellishments on individual dresses. You can also find very plain and simple wedding dresses in either white or ivory as well.

Making the choice between a white or ivory wedding dress is as simple as choosing the dress that makes you feel like a princess. This is your day and choosing the dress that makes you feel great and look beautiful is all that should really matter.

When you can look in the mirror, smile and say, “I look and feel so beautiful,” then you have found your own perfect fairytale wedding dress.

Karen S Musselman