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5 Common Styles Of Bridesmaid Dresses

Just like everything else in life, wedding dresses come in different colors and styles. If you are looking for a bridesmaid gown, here are the different styles that you can choose from:

Mermaid style

These dresses usually hug the curves closely thus they are ideal for people who want to show off their curvy figures. The clothes are most ideal for people with hour glass and rectangular shapes. If you are a petite woman, you should be cautious when wearing this gown. This is because it tends to shorten your appearance.

Princess style

The style is ideal for almost any figure. The good side with the dress is that it balances the top heavy shape and at the same time hides the tummy bulge. Although, the gown looks great on almost all body types, it looks exquisite when worn by people with inverted triangle, pear, rectangle and hour glass shapes.

Ball gown

Also known as the Cinderella wedding dress, this cloth is characterized by fitted bodices and a gown that flares out from the hips thus giving the wearer an elegant look. The dress is ideal in women with pear, hour glass, inverted triangle, rectangle and apple shapes.

You should note that the gown requires you to have a fitted waist; therefore, if you have a petite figure you might find the dress too overwhelming to wear.

Empire style

It’s characterized by a high waistline, a seam beneath the bust, and a fabric that falls from the waist and onto the floor. The dress is ideal for slim and pregnant women. The gown has also been shown to give exquisite looks to women with pear, apple, hour glass and inverted triangle body shapes.

The sheath style

This gown runs vertically from the shoulders to the floor and the hem does not flair out as it’s the case with the princess, empire, and ball gown dresses. The sheath dress is body hugging thus its ideal for women with slim and balanced figures.

You should note that if you are slim, the dress tends to elongate your shape and as a result you tend to looker longer than normal which can make you insecure about your looks.

Since its body hugging, you should avoid this gown if you are not confident with your body shape. This gown is most ideal for those with rectangular shapes. Those with slim hour glass figures can also wear it, but with some caution.

Duncan Lancer