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Wearing Your Tight Dress And Pulling Off The Look Perfectly

Tight dresses cling to the body highlighting the natural, beautiful feminine figure. However, not every woman would feel comfortable wearing a tight dress even with all its glory. This is mostly because many do not know how to actually wear such a dress and still look glamorous without looking trashy in any way. Here are some tips that can help you wear your beautiful tight dress elegantly.


  • Be confident. Style and elegance go beyond what you are wearing into how you carry yourself. When wearing a tight dress that’s figure hugging be confident and carry yourself well. It is given that some women might feel too conscious about their look, but the truth is that the dress can actually be very flattering. If you are not too sure about your body, throw a spanx under the dress to smooth out the shape. You will also feel more confident wearing something else underneath.


  • Choose higher necklines for a touch of class. The necklines can leave you looking gorgeous, stylish and sexy, especially when they are combined with materials that are loose below and above. You can also combine your outfit with the right shoes such as combining a tight short dress with sandals that have chunky cuffs around the ankle. This way the length shock is reduced.
  • Know proper proportions. This is especially helpful when wearing a tight skirt. You can match it up with a tank top fitting loosely. If you are wearing a tight dress, you can also throw on a jacket to achieve some balance. It will also keep you warm and can take the attention off the short length of the dress especially if it is of a different color from the dress.
  • Choose darker colors, especially if you are not very comfortable with your body shape. This is because bright colors draw attention more to the body shape and highlight every area whereas darker colors have a way of camouflaging some of those areas that you are most uncomfortable about. You will never go wrong with black, dark gray, brown and navy tight dresses if you are too conscious about your body shape.
  • Consider your skin tone. It is another great tip to take attention off the length of your dress. Dresses with colors close to your natural skin tone can hide the length from the eyes without the need to add a scarf, vest or a jacket. When the color outshines you, it will definitely attract the attraction to the shortness.
  • Choose a dress with a fabric bottom panel. This can be a stylish addition to a tight dress and still leaves the woman looking sexy and stylish. It will also offer you that comfortable feel since it offers some coverage making the dress ideal for work, church and other settings where you need to be a little conservative. Some of the panels can be very stylish, especially those that are longer at the back and shorter at the front.
Shalini Mittal