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6 Cool Tips For Wearing A Hat That Flatters Your Face Shape

It can be daunting to finding that perfect hat that is ideal for both your head as well as face shape. There are some women who tend to believe that their head shape does not allow them to wear caps at all, which is not true. Caps, especially women’s designer hats are fun and effortlessly add unique glam to any outfit. Placed below are tips for you to choose the best cap to suit your personal style. Nonetheless, always select a head size that fits properly so the heart can rest perfectly on your head if at all you are to look fabulous.

· The triangle face

If you have a triangular shape you can wear almost all hat styles and look incredibly gorgeous. The triangular face features a large forehead with a pointy chin and wide cheekbones. You can try out various styles, but stay clear of those with crowns and are narrower compared to your cheekbones. Practically any hat style will work for this face shape.

· The square face

This kind of shape features a broad forehead, forehead as well as chin. If you have a square face shape, hats that have a larger brim will do the trick for you also slightly tilting the hat balances of your broad chin. Some of the best styles to the square shape are fedoras with a wide brim, round brims together with slouch brims that have the ability to balance the face.

· The round face

This shape is full, round and does not have any angles or points. The recommended hats for this face shape are big hats. Asymmetrical shapes or wide brimmed hats or those you can wear with a slight tilt have the potential of highlighting your facial features.

· The long face

The long face can be compared to a long oval. It’s known for its sleek, elongated shape without points. The worst enemies for this face shape are deep crowns that exaggerate the face line, instead try out hats with wide brims. Go for hats that fit properly.

· Heart shaped face

Any heart style can work for this face shape. Featuring a wide cheek bones you must be careful as to choose a hat with narrower crowns as compared to your cheekbones. Some of the worst styles for you are fedoras together with tribly styles. Recommended styles are berets, boaters, sailors, turbans cloches as well a picture hat.

· The oval shape

Hats that have larger brims are most appropriate for this face shape, but you can try out different hat styles and still look fantastic but ensure that they are proportionate to your height. Tilt your hat slightly to the eyebrow right across the hair or brow line.

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