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Twenty minutes of scalp SPA

20 minutes home scalp SPA.

The scalp to clean! 20 minutes home scalp SPA.

Scalp SPA most important part is to wash hair before the oil massage, it can not only extract, will also affect the toughness of the scalp, this ring is ready, the whole people loose 80%!

Shampoo ago oil massage 2~3cm coating time, oil is more easily absorbed

Scalp SPA operation steps

Stimulation of the head of the acupuncture points, and repel edema

1, 2~3cm is a district with the entire head of essential oils from hairline to the head with, each 2~3cm is a district, Tu slightly push

2, pulp press let oil absorption as in friction scalp, went to the post, to let essential oil can be sucked into the scalp massage

3, like holding the ball like gesture fixed-point pressure palms pressed hair, ten fingers cross point pressing acupuncture points, can relax the scalp

4, push the hair, will face up to step 3 as manipulation, but replaced by the surrounding hair, to back will face lifting

5, a joint press around the ear acupoint pressing with the second finger joints around the ear acupuncture points, can eliminate edema can also work head and eye fatigue

6, strengthen the head press the two finger belly seemed to make the scalp to catch, “pressure – flick” means repeat 10 times

7, the comb combed back selection plate comb back to comb the hair, let the oil also eat into each hair

8, call circular comb auxiliary massage change circle comb the scalp, massage the scalp but also can stimulate the acupuncture points

9, on the scalp decompression and sharp comb part gently tapping scalp and neck and shoulder, make the head feel most relaxed

10, pulp press let oil absorption and then follow the normal steps to shampoo, but because the oil must be washed two times to clean.

11, mask wipe take about 10 dollar coin size in the scalp massage cream, fractional smear the scalp, spacing with essential oils as.This is a magic for all girls , if you have enough hair naturally or you want longer and more hair ,using glue in hair extensions is a fast and useful way to help you .

12, from the temple to press the start from both sides of the temple with his thumb along the hairline to the press, relax your eyes

13, from the top of the head to both sides from the top of the head to both sides according to the press, technique with step 12, solvable headache

14, the hair back neck to neck is the same way according to the forehead hair, all the points are one one press.

15, as mentioned before on the scalp as light as essential oils according to law, pull the scalp gently pinch the sides of the head like to strike.As a matter of fact ,the secret of the model’s beautiful hair is contributed microring hair extensions.

Maria Clay