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6 Common Nail Care Problems and Their Solutions

Plagued with rough nails? Well, you are not the only one. There’s nothing like peeling nails to bring your otherwise diva image crumbling down. Stocking on fancy beauty products can help only so much. It is time to shove that clipped-chipped-split nails and give your cuticle some much-needed pampering. Here we have doled out nail care tips for the most persistent of nail problems.

Brittle Nails

A major deal breaker – the primary culprit behind brittle nails is the lack of moisture. When you put your hands too long in the water, the keratin starts shrinking leaving your nails dry. Here is a quick fix to the problem. Soak your nails in olive oil every night for 5 to 10 minutes. The oil will strengthen the nails giving it a glossy finishing. A coat of white iodine can also help patch the crack.

Half-Bitten Cuticles

It not only looks unsightly, but is also painful. Cutting cuticles is not an option, as it can leave a bloody scab behind, which can cause infection. Moisturize your hand  every chance you get and rather than clipping the rough cuticles, push them back in. Cuticles have a job to perform, which is to keep your nails healthy and protect them from bacteria. So, don’t chew on them, just go have some snacks when you’re hungry!

Peeling Weaklings

From faulty filing to overuse of harsh detergents, there are endless reasons why your nail could be peeling. Here is what you need to do. As a golden rule, always wear rubber gloves when doing household chores. Use a soft grain nail filer and of course, lather up on that nourishing moisturizer.

Dirty Yellow Nails

Yellow nails can just kill your look. For you own sake, stop stocking on those cheap nail paints, and acetone remover are a major no-no. Here is a little tip that will see you through. Take a swab of cotton; dip it in a solution of hydrogen-peroxide and lemon. Gently rub the solution on the nails. And voila! Your nails will be softer, lighter and shinier in no time at all.

Nasty In-Grown Toenails

Ouch! This one can hurt, badly. When you cut your nails too short or wear tight shoes, nails can bite into the flesh causing inflammation. Dip a cotton ball in an antibiotic solution and rub on the nail edge. Continue doing this every day until the pain subsides. If you see swelling or puss forming, consult with a doctor immediately.

Nail Spots

It may not be just because of vitamin deficiency, but also due to damage to the nail. When you hit your nails too hard on a surface, it can damage the cells beneath them leading to white spots. There are no treatments as such for nail care issues; all you can do is wait so that the spots fade on their own. Other than the white spots, if there is any other staining visible, you should consult a doctor.

A little bit of care can go a long way in preserving the beauty of your nails, and for that added pampering, don’t forget to treat yourself to a spa session.

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