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Top 5 International Holiday Destinations For 2014

Whenever you are looking for the best of all international travel destinations in the world, you are likely to come across the same names several times. These are travel brands, in fact, that will continue to be enriched over a period of time. In the near future, you can never create such a list without names like Paris, Zurich, New York, Chicago, etc being featured. Yet, if you explore the new winners on the horizon of international travel, you will truly rave about these new heroes with unfeigned delight. Let’s look at some of the new players:

    1. Trininad; Cuba: This magnificent UNESCO World Heritage Site has glorious architecture, enthralling waterfalls and white sandy beaches. This afro-Cuban cultural heritage combines lush mountains with a salsa-like rhythm of life to offer one a refreshingly impressive blend of experiences.
    2. Kathmandu; Nepal: This destination is known as the base camp for the Mount Everest trek among all international travellers. Lately, though, the raw beauty and earthy simplicity of this capital is also turning heads. The spiritual bliss of the many Buddhist monasteries and the power alleys of the ancient Durbar square, another world heritage site, represent a stark contrast and showcase a subtle beauty of its own. Himalayan adventures, though, still hold all the breathtaking glory and charm associated, and are definitely worth exploring.
    3. Belize – This cute little country in Central America is a great Caribbean holiday experience. Apart from being fresh and affordable, cities like Belize City, San Padro, San Ignacio and Cayes create their own brand of experience amidst pristine beaches, Mayan ruins, fascinating adventure sports and tempting Caribbean food. This is the perfect international holiday package for leisure and relaxation.
    4. Corralejo, Spain: This cute little town in Fuerteventura, a volcanic island, has serene beaches, which are perfect for windsurfers and kite surfers. Cluttered with popular beaches and white sand dunes, this destination is a great combination of fun and delight.

Andaman Nicobar Islands, India:

    Gorgeous coral reef and picturesque marine life of the Indian Ocean come together to offer a great scuba diving and snorkelling destination. Yet, the cultural touch and raw energy of this island is contagious and mesmerizing. Sprawled over islands and beaches surrounded by enchanting wildlife, you can be sure of a unique local flavour. Though similar to Maldives, Seychelles, etc, this destination has a magnetic indigenous charm of its own. This international class holiday package experience is coming into its own brand of serenity and ethereal charm.

The charm of simple destinations may not overpower the timeless appeal of the major city destinations. But, the need for freshness and nostalgic local vibe is a major reason why people started this timeless quest of travel in the first place. To live and experience new life is a true miracle for even a jaded traveller. Don’t let it fool you into thinking that any list can define what you would love and visit once, twice or may be again and again.  It is what heart wants.

Ninad Chaudhari