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Top 4 Winter Wedding Dress Shopping Tips For A Glowing Bride-To-Be

Winters are a delightful backdrop for a fairytale wedding. Unfortunately, without a strategy in place, you would be beaten down by the harshness of the weather. However, the following tips are designed to give you a strong edge – keep you warm without compromising at all on your bridal look.

Dress according to the venue choice

Winter or fall wedding dresses will depend hugely on the choice of venue. Indoor weddings in temperature-controlled venues will allow you to choose sleeveless or strapless styles. You can also go without heavy winter accessories. Wedding dress materials can also be lighter with satin and chiffon being the most popular. However, if you choose an outdoor wedding, your entire strategy needs to be different. You will need heavier material or even consider heavy embroidery on the material. You will also need accessories to keep you warm during the ceremony.

Couture inspirations

If your budget allows spending on an haute couture dress, you should talk to designer outlets and check for seasonal discounts they offer. If your budget does not allow for couture, you can still use them as your inspiration for techniques, styles, and materials.

London fashion show couture line – the most recent launch of Fall/Winter bridal collection in London featured dresses inspired by Le Corbusier. You can use their line as inspiration with futuristic silhouettes for the dress. Column dresses were a big hit and adding side panel embroidery can make the dress the ultimate romantic piece.

Paris bridal couture line – The recent line took their inspiration from pre-Raphaelite styles and roman goddesses. You can be inspired from this line – use non-embroidered gowns with flowing cap sleeves. The material can be heavier to carry out the structured silhouette.

Milan bridal couture line – The recent line took inspiration from styles of various centuries. You can take their fashion as inspiration – use non-embroidered gowns with a sleeveless bodice and a round but high neckline. Use the dress as your canvas to showcase heirloom jewelry or antique accessories.

Tips on styling for winter brides

You can use the winter colors of ivory, blue, and silver as your makeup palette colors. You can also add various shades of red or brown, keeping with a warm tone to bring out the colors of the winters. This can extend to your wedding theme as well. Use layers of fabric for your dress, to create a dramatic flair while adding some thermal protection. Red floral embroidery can be a stunner against the winter backdrop, use it well on bridesmaid dresses or groomsmen’s jacket pockets.

Winter accessories to compliment the dress

Accessories for a winter wedding should serve a dual purpose of highlighting the entire look while also providing a bit of protection. Invest in a fancy jacket that compliments your wedding dress in both silhouette and tone. You might skip this in favor of a draped shawl or even fur. Wear thermal leggings underneath the dress if the venue is outdoors. Also, invest in designer wedding gloves (preferably in white or ivory). You can add a stole to your outfit, in materials of pure silk, or velvet to give your entire looks a rich appeal.

The author is an expert in the field of bridal fashion and continues to follow latest couture trends zealously. In this article she provides Winter wedding dress shopping tips for the autumn and winter brides.

Palack Yadav