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Midi Dresses: Tips On How To Wear Them

While midi dresses are great to have, they are usually tricky to wear. The good side is that there are a number of tips that you can put into place to ensure that you look gorgeous:

Choose the right length

The best and easiest way of flattering your look is by wearing the right length. For ideal results you should visit your tailor and he/she will adjust the attire to the ideal length.

When altering the dress you should remember that the attire should stop mid-calf. If you are petite or you have short legs, you should go for an outfit that goes just below the knee.

Wear the attire with heels

This rule is particularly important when you are a petite lady or you are short. The heels will play a major role in elongating your legs thus combating the “frumpy” look. While it’s recommended that you wear heels, you should remember that the higher the hem of the attire, the lower the heel.

If you are not used to wearing heels, you should go for smaller heels. As rule of thumb you should not wear flats as they don’t look good with midi dresses.

Pick the right jacket

To pair your dress it’s paramount that you pick the right jacket. Great jackets to go with are those that don’t go below the waist line. It’s also wise to go with cropped jackets. To create a casual look, you should wear a denim jacket.

Minimize accessories

Midi dresses are usually dressy especially when they are patterned; therefore, you should minimize your accessories.

For example, you should avoid wearing many rings and bangles when wearing the outfit. If you are going to wear plain black attire, you can team the attire with a bright statement accessory; however, you should avoid overdoing it.

Go for fitting

A fitting dress is not only easy to style, but it also gives you a sexy look. While it’s recommended that you wear fitting attire, it does not say that you can’t wear a flowing dress.

If you look good in the dress, you should go ahead and wear it. The only thing you need to do is to ensure that waistline is fitted and the outfit is tailored to your body shape.

Be confident

Confidence brings out the beauty in any woman more than even makeup or clothes; therefore, you should stand tall and shine in your midi look.

Duncan Lancer