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Top 3 Diets For Fast Weight Loss

With so many diets to choose from, it’s not easy to figure out which diet will be the best one that works for you.

All the experts agree on one thing: The best weight loss plan is one you can keep up.

Here are the top 3 diets:

1. Mediterranean Diet:

The claim: You will drop around two pounds a week.

Overall: The basic secret of this diet is a combination of active lifestyle, weight control, and a diet that is high in produce, nuts, and other healthful foods and low in red meat, sugar, and saturated fat. This diet also promises improvements to heart and brain health, cancer prevention, and diabetes control and prevention.

Short-term results: This is designed as a lifestyle change.

Long-term results: You will lose weight and avoid a host of chronic diseases.

Easy to follow: There is a collection of online tips, recipes, and clear basic instructions.

Hunger level/ Fullness: There is normally no hunger occurring with this diet as you still eat the regular recommended calorie portion a day.

Price: This diet is not expensive. Whole grains and other diet components such as fruits and vegetables are actually much cheaper than meat.

2. Weight Watchers Diet:

The claim: You will drop up to two pounds weekly.

Overall: This diet is full of counting calories, but also making healthy life choices.

The program assigns a point value to each and every food and explains how hard it is for your body to burn it. Choices of food products that will fill you up the longest have fewer points compared to foods that are just empty calories. With this system you will be able to construct your own menu and choose “what is the smarter choice for your body?”

Short-term results: This is designed as a long process.

Long-term results: The Weight Watchers Diet is all about long-term life choices and healthy lifestyle.

Easy to follow: It is full of information and rules to follow. The web site has a good online support system.

Hunger level/ Fullness: Depends on how much you control yourself.

Price: You choose what you eat, but it can be expensive.

3. Slim-Fast Diet:

The claim: You will drop one to two pounds weekly.

Overall: The main focus of the diet is to restrict calorie consumption and meal sizes. The Slim-Fast products replace your meals during the day while providing the right nutrients. The prepared The prepared 500 calories meals allow you to eat some of your other favorite foods, while still staying within a set amount of calories. Short-term results: The Slim Fast diet is focused on fast results.

Long-term results: As long as you enjoy the Slim-Fast snacks and meal bars you can stay with this diet.

Easy to follow: Very convenient, grab and go style. It also depends on how long you want to consume Slim-Fast shakes, snack bars, and meal bars. There’s a wide choice of flavors, but if you don’t like the taste it may be difficult to stick with the diet.

Hunger level/ Fullness: This diet would be hard for people who get sick of same products day after day.

Price: Slim fast is a more expensive dieting option because of the prepared products.

Ana Gelfman