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Stop Hair Loss for Good

The amount of hair loss and cases of similar issues today is rising. You may be wondering why we see more of it than we did in the past. The modern world brings a lot of stress and environments that could lead to hair loss. Perhaps it is apart of all the processed and unhealthy foods we have access to. If you are searching how to make your hair healthier, look no further. I have discovered a lot of things we can do to slow down or stop hair loss:

Look at your diet

There is great benefit in adding essential fatty acids to your eating schedule. These are key for scalp and hair health, especially if you’re experiencing thinning hair. You can easily find healthy fats in fish, nuts, and oils. In general you should have a diet rich in protein, with a balance between all the food groups. This will assure you are getting fruits and vegetables, good meat sources, along with dairy and grain products to promote hair health.

Consider taking a supplement

This is a longterm strategy that can yield awesome results if you stay consistent. Supplements such as a multivitamin or fish oil will give your body nutrients it can use to improve your hairs look and feel. Multivitamins contain Iron, Zinc, vitamin A, and much more that all together are great for the scalp. Fish oil pills give you high amounts of healthy fats which I touched upon in the above point.

Use products that have good ingredients

Conventional shampoo and conditioners you buy from the store could potentially be aiding to your hair loss. While these products are advertised as something good for hair, some chemicals in them act as the opposite. Organic products or those with antioxidants and stimulants like caffeine are great for your scalp. Some individuals have obtained great results by reducing how often they use products in general. Try just washing your hair with water, or only shampoo a few times a week.

Don’t get stressed

This is a lot easier in theory, but stress is easily one of the biggest factors regarding hair loss. You don’t want to end up in a cycle of worrying about your hair, and that then resulting in your shedding more. Occupy your time with hobbies and projects, or go run those errands you’ve been putting off. The less you think or worry about your hair, the better you will feel and look.

Gio Dermunde