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Snorkeling- the biggest adventurous sport

When it comes to something thrilling and adventure in your life then there is no better option than snorkeling. Though you must have gone under water many a times and at different places but  swim with dolphins Hawaii big island is a breath taking experience…like you had never before. Yes… you can swim along with dolphins, play with them, interact and dance with them and you get enough time to explore the beauty of these interesting aquatic animals. There are many guides available at different locations of snorkeling but they really do not guarantee whether you will be able to meet the dolphins. But, this condition is not the same in Kona and Big Island. Not just only dolphins you will also get a complete snorkeling package which means you only need to bring a towel and a sunscreen rest everything like snacks, lunch, beverages, snorkel gear and wet suit you will get on the spot ready.

Manta Ray snorkel 

The most exciting thing at Kona Island is nightly manta ray snorkel which you will not find anywhere in the world. At Manta Ray snorkel, you swim with dolphins Kona at night. Kona is the only place on the earth where you can get into water at night to see the grace of ocean. You depart from Honokohau harbor in a cruise; will carry maximum 14-15 passengers at a time. In your cruise you will find a toilet and a separate cabin, once you reach at manta site you will see the beauty of sunset. It is actually the perfect place to view almost all species of fishes from a tiny one to a larger parrot fish also with turtles, dolphins and other beautiful mammals.

There are many people who wish to get this snorkeling experience with their family and friends. These people can book a private charter for 14-16 people. You can get a customize package according to your needs. Though all the basic needs like fishing gear, snorkel gear, beverages, sandwiches and other snacks will be included in your package otherwise you can ask them to design a menu as per your choices.

Captain cook snorkel

Kealakekua also referred as captain cook, another beautiful spot for snorkelers. When you get inside the clean, clear, warm and crystal water of Kealakekua Bay, you will see spinner dolphins playing in the ocean. Captain cook location is almost 17 miles away from south Kona. Once you get out of water, you will be treated with exotic lunch prepared by the chef and tropical island fruits. On the way back you will explore lava tubes, ancient sites and exposure caves. These 4 hours of trip will let you forget all you worries and strains and left only with enjoyment. There are many cruising companies in Kona Big Island and you can make the booking with one of them. Before making the booking, check their packages and services which they are offering and then make a decision.

Do you think that such dive shops are really making a business through ocean and dolphins? Well, the fact is that they give you a chance to interact with other world but without harming the beauty and coral of the ocean. They also keep in mind not to spread any dirt and dust in the ocean because it could be dangerous for aquatic animals. Hence, they are not only taking care of your needs but also taking care of the water life.

Sam Vaknin