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Skin Care Routine for a 30 Year Old – Tips To Maintain Your Beauty

The 30s are very important years in a woman’s life because this is when she really comes into her own, both in her personal and professional life. When you are in your third decade you also have to take very good care of your skin even though it may look absolutely perfect. After all, this is when the first signs of aging start to appear. Your skin care regimen should therefore be changed to suit your new requirements.

The following tips will help you keep the delicate skin on your face and neck protected against aging:

• If you have been used to cleansing your skin twice or even thrice a day, you should now do it just once a day and that too at night. This ensures that it is absolutely clean without becoming dry.

• Exfoliation should also happen only at night or else your skin will become too sensitive to the harsh rays of the sun. You should also use a gentle exfoliating product.

• Never forget to wear suitable sun protection every day. Choose a product that offers protection against UVA and UVB rays and also has the right SPF level. Always wear sun protection first thing in the morning because these rays can find their way into your house and they are also present during cloudy days.

• Anti-aging serums are very helpful because they work on the skin from within. Products with hyaluronic acid will help keep moisture levels in your skin very high. Products containing collagen will not help you because it will not get absorbed into the skin.

Do not neglect the skin on your body because this too can age very fast.

• Keep it well hydrated by using a high quality moisturizing body wash instead of an ordinary soap. Do not bathe in very hot water and avoid spending more time than necessary in the shower.

• Use a rich moisturizing cream on your body, with particular attention to the parts that are particularly susceptible to drying. These include the elbows and knees.

You do need to be fairly disciplined in your daily beauty regimen and should not let it slide no matter how busy your life is. You will be really glad you followed these tips when you enter your fourth decade looking much younger than your contemporaries. Be sure to use high quality products at all times so that you do not risk damaging your skin instead of nurturing it.

Rizvana Manzoor