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Perfect Guide to Wear Leather Leggings

A lot of leather garments are available in the market starting from the very common leather jackets to leather skirts. These leggings are the newest entry to the group and have become very popular these days. Fashion designer leggings are what looks absolutely stylish and elegant and can change the way you look. They are also known by the name ‘liquid leggings’ that fit on to your skin tightly. Originally, people believed that these were meant for only punk rock group but many celebrities have create style statements wearing these and now these are a point of interest in all fashionable women around the world. When worn rightly and when paired with right accessories, these look absolutely stunning.


There are about three types of online leather leggings that are available and all of them have their set of advantages and disadvantages. They are:

Lambskin leather leggings: These are the closest to real leather and are very expensive. They cannot be washed in machines and are not very stretchy. So make sure of buying one according to your size.

Faux leather leggings: These are the most affordable ones and are very comfortable. These are easy to maintain as these can be washed like your regular clothes only. These are made from stretchable fabrics like Spandex and others and come with polyurethane coating. These are very stretchy. These again are available in three kind’s viz. liquid gloss, matte and snake prints and all these are available in variety of colors.

Metallic leather leggings: These are shiny and resemble fax leggings. They have a different coating other than polyurethane and are less stretchy as compared to the faux ones. These have a metallic coating and are made with a combination of polyester and nylon. These also are available in numerous colors and in animal printed styles as well.


Waist 23-25 26-28 29-32 33-35 36-42 42-49

Generic size S M L XL XXL XXXL

Numeric size 0-2 4-6 8-12 12-16 18-22 22-28

Choosing the right legging size is difficult as leggings are required to cling on to you and fit you completely. When it comes to leather, it is more difficult as all are not stretchy. The above chart can help you in looking for the right size.

There are many internet shops from where you can buy leggings online. You can buy red leather as they are in great demands and pair it with the right accessories to look sexy and make sure that you buy online red leather leggings from the right shop.

Daniel Avakian