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How Women Over 50 Can Rock Their Accessories

When a woman reaches a certain age, she realises that she can no longer just throw on a piece of jewellery or scarf to get the stunning look she’s after… it takes planning and coordination to look fabulous after 50!

If you’re a woman over 50, there are particular styles, colours, textures, etc., that work best for your body shape and help you create a fashion statement; fortunately there are few tried and true tips that will help you get the most out of your accessories.

Tips for Rocking Your Accessories

Wear necklaces that fall to the collar-bone or lower. The chokers that looked so fabulous in your 20’s, now draw unwanted attention to the jaw line.

Adding a long necklace with a V-shaped neckline adds length to your neck and chest and draw the eye down in a line, making you look slimmer above the waist. This is especially effective for women who have developed an apple-shaped body since menopause set in.

If the skin of your neck has a crepe appearance (the dreaded chicken-skin look), wear your hair so it hits just below the chin; this will bring the eyes up and away from the neck area.

Got jowls? Wear gorgeous earrings to draw attention to the ears and pull the eyes up, and away from the jowls. Stay away from drop earrings… they hang down and finish at the level of the jowls.

For flat-chested or small busted women, you can create a more full busted and proportionate look by taking advantage of the right clothes paired with the right accessories. For example, nice chunky jewellery, or tops with lace, ruffles and wide collars.

If you find the perfect necklace, don’t wear elaborate earrings with it; it’s one or the other unless you want to look as though you’ve been playing in Mummy’s jewellery box!

Add some bling!

  • Pearls are always a great choice because you can wear them with a formal suit, and they make jeans, a shirt and jacket fabulous.
  • Jazz up your arms with colourful bangles or bracelets. Wear several at once, even with your watch… very youthful!
  • Finally, get some colourful scarves-there are so many ways to wear them! They are elegant and stylish, and a casual scarf can even dress up a t-shirt with jeans!

The bottom line? Women over 50 don’t have to appear dull and drab! Don’t be afraid to accessorize!

Think bling and colour, but keep in mind… less is more.

Penelope Jane Whiteley