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Paraben Free Face Care – What You Need To Know Before Going Shopping

If you want to know about what parabens really are, why you need to avoid them and learn tips on what you need to know before buying paraben free face care products, just read on. I promise after this short article it will be easier for you to make an informed choice on what products to purchase.

First let’s clarify what parabens are. Parabens are preservatives commonly put in all kinds of skin care (but also in hygiene, makeup… ) products to increase their shelf life. These chemicals are called either methyl, propyl, butyl, or ethyl parabens. What makes them so controversial is that several studies suggest that these preservatives may cause serious health problems such as cancer, hormonal issues, allergic reactions and skin rashes. They are, however, still legal to use and very cheap for the skin care companies compared to other natural alternatives.

Paraben free face care or paraben free skincare in general is therefore any skincare for the facial skin that doesn’t have these ingredients in it, but instead uses no preservatives or other (often natural) alternatives.

When looking for paraben free face care or other products, make sure that you avoid other harmful ingredients like mineral oil, dioxanes, fragrances and alcohol as well. It won’t help you much avoiding one bad guy when there are so many others out there too, and some like dioxanes are considered to be much more dangerous than parabens!

The best tip I can give you when shopping for paraben free skincare is to look for completely natural products. That way you can be sure no suspicious chemicals get to your skin! Make sure not to believe any old brand claiming to be natural but really research the brand and the ingredients it uses in its products to make sure the “natural” part is not just image polishing.

Most 100% natural skincare products use either no preservatives, which makes their shelf life rather short, or they use Natural Vitamin E, which is not just a preservative but also very nourishing to your skin as well. It can even reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and also helps prevent the appearance of age spots on the skin. It’s very beneficial to use natural skincare with Natural Vitamin E in it.

My last tip is to look for proven, effective ingredients. Any cream without the nasties I mentioned previously will be better than one with them, but why not give your skin the best it can have and use skincare that really helps your skin rejuvenate and feel absolutely wonderful. Try all natural oils such as jojoba oil, maracuja oil or avocado oil to mention a few. For a wrinkle-smoothing effect try Xtend-TK or Japanese Wakame sea kelp.

Natural paraben free face care is definitely worth it, so take a little time to investigate the market to find the best product for you, and you can enjoy a healthy and wrinkle-free skin without any side-effects on your health.

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Lumi H. Jais