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Makeup – Only Vanity, No Apologies

A woman without makeup and her cosmetics that act as her tool to beautify herself are like a chocolate maker without his chocolate. They are indeed a crucial element of each woman’s life. No beauty can do without it at any juncture of her life. Be it the teenager group or any mature woman, they trail behind many kinds of beauty rules which also involve the application of cosmetics. Though, the basics of makeup commence with a clean canvas which is the lustrous and healthy skin. Apart from nutritional supplements, a variety of skin care products appear into the picture if you yearn to have unblemished and healthy skin.

Cleaning, toning and applying cream are the fundamentals of every day routine that marks the dawn of glowing skin. Before the application of makeup, it is imperative to fashion a soft and matte upshot on the skin. This can be made with the assistance of blemish correctors and primers, which smooths the skin and hide the blemishes before using foundation which gives the face an even tone. High-quality quality cosmetics are mild on the skin and also pack up the fine lines of aging and blemishes. A corrector palette consists of three colors which can be utilized according to your skin problem.

Next is the lucid and pressed powder that can be used to hold the makeup in place for long and have a brightening effect on your skin. This appends an immediate glow. With all the basic work done, it is from here from where the real creativity sets in motion. The eyes are a significant asset of a woman. Eyes being the glory, yet it is the brows that frames the faces and makes it look logical. The shadow color adds an effortless glow to augment the natural gleam of the eye area. The recent trends welcome a wide range of glosses too. New-fangled eye glosses. liners, shadows are all accessible from the market that adds a sheen to the eye. But its application can be quite complicated. Accuracy is required to get the spot on look and outcome. So get set for the starry-night feel when your eyes will emit sparkles to the audiences. If you adore amazing bronze tan, then these products are just the right thing for you. It is an avant-garde product in the cosmetics sector which assures an instantaneous body tan in a matter of minutes. So no more sun basking to get a body tan. All you have to do is to apply the self-tanning spray, which gives on the spot healthy radiance that lasts for days. It not only looks great but also lightens evenly and easily.

For years together, the planet of beauty has been the conquering address of the fair skin woman, but not any longer. The dusky beauties are gradually rising to rule the fashion route. However one needs to keep a few significant points mentally while working with woman of color. Especially for the African ladies. Use of blemish correctors previous to eye makeup will ensure that the eyes look absolutely enticing. The color of the eye shadow also plays an important role. But before deciding the shades, you need to deliberate your eye color and the warm or cool undertones of your skin. For instance, golden eye shadow will look beautiful on the lids, if you have deep dark brown eyes. Applying eye cream to the part around the eyes each night can do marvels for any woman as superb eye makeup begins with a perfect skin. Another sailing trend that is up with women is following in the footsteps of their beloved celebrity makeup technique. But many a times it leads to utter disaster.

The good news is, that by trailing behind a handful tips one can unquestionably avoid such problems. The golden rule is, that before you try a celebrity style keep the whole thing clean and natural. Indulge in your hair like you care for your face. Don’t over-wash it and apply cream in the night before a grand event for dazzling, glossy results. You can be audacious enough to rebuild any novel look, but don’t go after a celebrity blindly. Be well thought-out before coming to a decision as to what looks the best on you and what is a complete NO-NO.

Shubraa Tayal