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Matching Evening Gowns to Body Shapes

Do you feel vulnerable and uncomfortable in an evening gown? Is getting dressed up the last thing you look forward to doing? What if there was a way you could feel confident and elegant even dressed up? Or what about sexy? Who doesn’t want to feel sexy? There is a way. If you know what your body type is and you select the style of dress that goes with it you will not have to hide at the back of the party ever again.

Pear. A pear shaped body is one that is smaller up top with wider hips and thighs. In order to create a look of appropriate proportions go for a dress that has lots of detailing through the bust and focalizes your already defined waist. An evening gown with a fitted top and free flowing skirt would be the ideal way to enhance your bust and minimalize your bottom at the same time. Strapless, V-necks, and natural waistlines are also clear winners in what to look for in your perfect gown.

Hourglass. Hourglass shaped bodies are usually proportionate with a well-defined waist. Look for a dress that matches your body. The perfect night dress here would be one that, like you is proportioned and the waist is defined. Look for a dress that has a natural waistline with wrapping details at the waist. Evening gowns without shape will make you appear boxy and not show off your true shape.

Slender. A slender frame is a body that is generally small all over without much curve or definition up top or through the hips. The task for women with slender bodies is finding an evening gown that adds curves. A dress with a full skirt and detailing at the bust will give the allusion of more shape.

Busty. A busty shaped body means that the chest is larger than the hips and that usually shoulders are wider too. Choose a dress that will support and cover the bust area without drawing extra attention. Strapless gowns or ones with lots of ruffling or design up top would not be the best options. By choosing an evening gown with a drop waistline you will give your midsection more length and create a more proportionate look.

Petite. A petite body shape just means that your proportions are smaller overall and that you are generally shorter in stature. To give yourself height choose a shorter dress to show your legs. Not all evening gowns have to be floor length. If you do choose a full length dress go with one that is made from a lighter fabric.

Apple. Apple shaped bodies have a fuller middle and a less defined waistline. The absolute best thing you can do for yourself it to buy a gown with a defined waist. Evening gowns with empire waists and A-line skirts that will fall away from your midsection will make you feel and look the best. You could wear a long dress or a short one if you want to show off your legs.

Everyone deserves to feel great in an evening dress and there is one for every shape and size. Determine your shape and embrace it!

Saira Akhtar