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5 Styles of Women’s Boots That Every Boot Lover Should Own

If you love boots, you are not alone. Boots, like most shoes are not just about covering your feet. Do they cover your feet? Yes, of course, boots exceptionally serve their purpose but they also are a way to make a statement. They come in a huge array of styles and designs. Some boots are casual, some dressy and some purpose specific. Every boot lover should have a one (or a bunch) of each of these 5 styles.

1. Knee High. Knee high boots come up to knee level when worn. Knee High boots are great for winter as they cover more of your leg and do well at keeping you warm. You can buy ones that slide on or ones that zip up. If you have trouble finding knee high boots that fit over your calves try looking for the ones that slide on. Slip on boots usually have more stretch and a little more room. Knee high boots are sold with a variety of different heel heights and are made in more than one type of material. All the more reason not to have just one set!

2. Booties. No, not the baby shoes. Women’s booties are boots that come just below the ankle. Booties are sometimes called “shooties” due to them being a cross between a regular shoe and a boot. Booties can be worn casually with jeans or dressy for a night on the town. Typically a bootie is closed toe but you can also find it open toed. Some booties have heels, some are flat, some leather and some suede. Booties are also designed with cutouts, zippers, and laces depending on the particular boot.

3. Cowboy. Cowboy, or cowgirl boots have come a long way from being only worn by true cowboys. Originally cowboy boots were designed to be worn when on cattle and were uncomfortable to walk in. Now, they are designed with all sorts of embellishments and are meant for fashion and leisure. They are comfortable for walking yet still hold to the look of the original boots. Cowboy boots are leather with a narrow pointed toe. They typically rise between the calf and knee. Cowboy boots have a slight heel and instead of being cut straight across at the shaft they come down into a Cowboy style also have tabs for pulling the boots on, on each side. Cowboy boots are great for any season. They can be worn under pants in the winter or with a dress in the summer. They can also be worn casually or dressy. Some people even have their wedding party wear them!

4. Rain. If you have ever stepped out of your car into a big puddle with regular shoes on, you will understand the importance of a rain boot. Rain boots are usually made of rubber and are designed to keep your feet dry. This style is no longer only sold in the black or yellow you may instantly think of but in more prints and colors than you can imagine. What you may not know about rain boots is that they aren’t just for rain. They can be worn to protect your feet in the snow or even in the mud and they are easy to wipe off.

5. Ankle. Ankle boots are recognized by the shaft that stop at the ankle. You can find ankle boots in just about every design; leather, suede, no heel, stiletto heel, closed toe, open toe and so on. Ankle boots are a fundamental boot to have because they can be worn with just about anything and at just about any occasion. They are also nice in that you don’t have to worry about them fitting your legs!

Saira Akhtar