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Katy Perry Sparks Engagement Rumors with a Ring

Some of Katy Perry‘s favorite hobbies these days: dressing up as Cleopatra, hanging out with her cat Kitty Purry and generating engagement rumors by wearing rings on that finger. The singer stepped out in L.A. Friday night wearing a large sparkler with decidedly “engagement ring” qualities on her left ring finger. But we’ve been burned by Perry’s possible betrothal baubles before, so we’re waiting for an official announcement.

This is the second Valentine’s Day in a row in which Perry has sparked buzz with a new sparkler. Last year on their V-Day date, she sported a gold-and-ruby heart-shaped ring (a gift from Mayer) on the same finger. And then in November, Perry hit the EMAs wearing what looked to be a cushion-cut diamond (yep, on the ring finger again) though we immediately had our doubts about that one, since it didn’t fit in with Mayer’s more boho style.

Perry’s newest could-be-engagement-ring has more of a Mayer vibe to us: It’s got an Art Deco feel and appears to be a large bezel-set oval diamond in a white gold or platinum setting. And Perry wasn’t shy about flashing it as she left the club after her date, unlike some starlets (ahem, Amber Heard and Leighton Meester) who have kept their hands jammed in their pockets for the past few months.

We’re withholding judgment (after all, we’ve been burned before!) until we get a confirmation, but of all Perry’s suspicious rings, this one definitely has our eyebrows raised the highest.

Source: People