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Hairstylist Anthony Nader shows you how to recreate the look

Hairstylist Anthony Nader helped Guido Palau conjure his hair vision and spoke to Vogue immediately post-show. “It was futuristic crossed with hip-hop, and with the most inspiring details in the clothes you can imagine,” says Nader. Think braids, but tightened and sharped with a black headband for an added edge. “The Marc Jacobs girl is cool, confident and most of all knows she looks effortlessly groomed.” Here the hair master tells how to recreate the look at home.

Dry off

“No need to start off with wet hair. Overdose your strands with medium hold mousse from roots to ends. Blast dry with your fingers and if you have wavier hair go over quickly and softly with a large paddle brush to smoothen out waves.”

Get a grip

“Once dry and if your hair still feels soft, spray your hair again with your mousse as you need the hair to feel like it’s got grip.”

Part and plait

“Place a haphazard carefree centered part all the way down to the nape, leaving loose strands around the face out for softness. Then gather your hair towards the nape area in two even sections and keep the hair in the plait smooth till you reach the ends. Secure with a clear snag free elastic.”

Wear it in

“Now to add more of a lived-in feel, rough up the crown area a fraction rather than keeping it tight and stuck to the head, and place on your head band.”

Nader’s top tip:

“You don’t want to have that Heidi from The Hills looking plait, so to put the Guido Palau Stamp of approval on your new season look, when you do your two plaits, start it right on the corner of the nape of the hairline, behind the ear and not in the middle low like you normally would. This is what is going to set you apart from all the other girls in town.”

Source: Vogue Magazine