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Great Hair Oils for Your Hair

From the weather elements to products we use, our hair goes through a lot, including a fair amount of suffering. Some of this suffering comes from dryness, which most likely leads to breakage and frizziness. When your hair becomes overly dry, what it is lacking is enough sebum on your scalp, which in turn leads to the suffering of your follicles.

Enter natural hair oils; they are light in nature, and if applied correctly and sparsely, there is a very good chance that the moisture in your hair will be restored, leaving your hair soft and easy to manage with lots of shine without clamping or weighing it down.

Below I have outlined a list of easy to find oils that are bound to change the texture of your hair.

Argan oil: Although not the cheapest of the oils, it will do wonders to your hair. It is best known for its heat protecting qualities as well as a thorough hair treatment that restores damaged hair. In addition, Argan oil will restore the softness and shine in your hair making it more manageable than before.

Castor oil: One of the major advantages of castor oil on hair is the ability to increase its growth rate. This happens due to increased blood circulation after massaging your scalp with the oil. Since castor oil contains minerals, vitamin E and proteins, it is good for getting rid of dandruff, softening and retaining the moisture in your hair.

Olive oil: This is my favourite of all the oils because not only is it great for the hair and skin, it is the best for cooking. It is also high in antioxidants and very light in weight making it easy to infiltrate the hair follicles and lock in moisture. With regular use, mostly through hot oil treatments, you will end up with a soft, smooth and lustrous mane in no time.

Coconut oil: Back when I was a kid, I remember my mother applying coconut oil on our hair. I never understood why, but now I know. Apparently coconut oil is considered the best hair oil there is because it penetrates the hair follicles encouraging it to grow. It also softens the hair and conditions it leaving it very healthy and highly manageable. Oh and did I mention that it is easily and readily available?

Avocado oil: Considered to be lighter than olive oil, avocado oil is great for moisturizing dry hair, what with its many vitamins and proteins. Its light weight makes it easily absorbable into the hair follicles making it beneficial for hair growth. It also adds lustre and strength to the hair especially if it is brittle and out of control.

Mazhar Shah