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Going the Distance – Makeup That Lasts All Day

We all know her. She is the woman who looks as elegant at 7:00pm as she does at 9:00am. Her makeup is subtle yet flawless but always fresh.

If you’ve ever wondered how she does it, then read the tips below. Before you know it, people will soon be admiring you!


Prime every time.

Makeup primer works its magic in a number of ways. Firstly, it fills in all the fine lines and wrinkles creating the illusion of younger looking skin and providing a smooth base.

Secondly, primers contain ingredients that help even out skin tone and reduce breakouts.

Thirdly, the silicone in primer acts as a bonding agent, helping your foundation adhere to your skin.

Apply the primer to your entire face. Most primers have a thick gel like consistency so you will need to let it dry before applying your foundation. Regardless of which foundation you prefer (liquid, mineral powder, crème etc), your primer will work wonders.

Translucent Powder

Use translucent powder to set your foundation, reduce excess shine and create a seal that really does help your foundation last all day.

True translucent powders are white. It may seem a little strange at first, but it will apply without a trace.

If you see a powder – claiming to be translucent – that comes in various shades (light, medium and dark, for example), be very wary. These powders are not true translucent powders, and they will change the colour of your foundation.

Powder Formulas

Powder formula cosmetics, such as foundations, eye shadows and blushes, will last longer than their crème counterparts.

In particular, the pure pigment contained in mineral cosmetics means you get better coverage with less product.

Powder products have greater longevity and are less inclined to crease and smudge than crèmes.


Layering your lipstick is a sure fire way to ensure it lasts a lot longer.

Line and colour your lips with your lip liner. Fill your lips in with lipstick then blot with tissue. Apply a thin coat of translucent powder and then apply another coat of lipstick.

The more matte your lipstick, the longer it will last. However, you do run the risk of your lipstick looking dry and cracked. Your lips need to be in perfect condition.

Shiny lipsticks and glosses tend not to last as long, but they do make your lips appear bigger due to the shine factor.

Kelly Topsfield