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Chocolates, Desserts and Wines of the Upper East Side

Chocolate and wine pairings

Before launching into the places in the Upper East Side of NYC where chocolates, desserts and wine are all the rage, it would be wise to go through a few of the chocolate and wine pairings that you can enjoy in any restaurant that offers such menus.

1) Dark Chocolate, Red Wine and High grade Ports

Dark chocolate and red wines have a reciprocal effect on each other. Dark chocolate causes the tannins in red wine to flourish, which also leads to the increase in sweetness of the dark chocolate. At times, the fruits in red wines also lead to the coming out of the bitter undertones and smokiness that is usually found in higher grade dark chocolate. An example of a meal setting would be dark chocolate with Pistachios, Cointreau and dried cherries, coupled with wines like the famous Cabernet.

2) Milk Chocolate with a cream cordial

Since milky chocolate has a sweet creamy taste, you can pair this chocolate with creamy cordial to bring out the inherent sweetness. Orange liquor would be perfect for this, or any whiskey based drink.

3) White Chocolate

Since white chocolate has a sweet, nutty creamy taste, you can pair it with a full bodied sparkling wine, or other wines such as the Eiswine or Berenauslese.

Becky Watson