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A Spectacular 3 Day Trip To Hong Kong

Hong Kong is the actual city that never sleeps. The city is jam-packed with skyscrapers, noodle stands, chaotic daily life, wild nights and big bank accounts. It’s one of the most favorite cities on my list and this year I planned to travel to this amazing city.

I booked my tickets for Hong Kong and as I landed at this amazing multi-cultural country, the feeling of grabbing a bowl of noodle soup got hold of me. The first thing I did was explored the streets near my hotel to find a noodle soup stall.

Once I got done with my soup, I went back to the hotel took a warm bath and ordered sweet coffee for myself. After the coffee arrived I opened my itinerary to check the daily plan for my trip. After reviewing my first day I went to bed. When I woke up in the morning I knew what I was supposed to do and here is how my next three days were spent in Hong Kong.

Day First

History Of Museum:

Visit the Museum of History in Hong Kong, this place is good to visit for those who want to understand the history of this place. It provides an excellent overview about the past of Hong Kong.

Walk In The Kowloon Park:

The central water park in Kowloon Park features a fitness center, an aviary, swimming pool, Chinese garden and bird park, here you can get away from the heat of Hong Kong and spent a pleasant time.

Day Two

Ride In The 360 Ngong Ping:

This cable car gives an amazing view of the harbor, the airport and the city as it travels through the surrounding mountains. The ride is about 35 minutes and the cable car takes you to the fascinating PO Lin Monastery.

Go For A Food Tour:

After spending the morning with a cable car ride, it was time for the food tour. Hong Kong city is full with delicious food and a wide range of cuisines from around the globe. With the food tour I got to experience, Chinese, Indian, Arabian, Italian all kinds of food in one place.

Day Third

Lung Yeuk Tau:

Lung Yeuk Tau Heritage Trail is the best place to visit; it starts at the Taoist Temple and passes through the villages of Lo Wai and Ma WatWai. These parts are often missed by tourists who are too much engaged in the city life, but paying a visit to this place is sure relaxing.

Robert G. Little