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Holidays in Turkey: Bartering and Negotiation Tips

Turkey is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a cheap get-away that provides value for money and a short flight from home (4.5 hours from UK airports). The choice of things to do is endless, from beaches to bazaars to mountains to sampling Turkish foods or sticking to your favourite British dishes (for those of you who are less adventurous).

So, if you’re looking for a good value all inclusive holiday in the sun; or a bargain beach break – Turkey really is your best bet. The other good news is that Turkey is outside of the eurozone so you’ll get more for your money when dining out and drinking in local bars and restaurants.

Turkey is well known for its bartering and negotiation techniques, and one of the best places to practice this is at the local market. Every region will have at least one market per week selling everything you could ever imagine. Fethiye has a large market which buzzes with activity from dusk till dawn. Wear good stout shoes and be ready for an experience of a lifetime.

Bartering and negotiations are the same whether you are buying in a market or a shop here are some tips for you to try.

First things first, don’t be alarmed they will shout as you pass, doing anything to get your attention especially in the markets shouting “cheaper than chips,” “cheaper than Primark.” Don’t ignore them give then a nice smile and if you wish stop and browse or simply move on.

You can almost guarantee that the first price they ask is to be bartered upon, they expect it. If you see something you like don’t show any enthusiasm. Look carefully at the item and think of a figure in your head. Give the seller your price, making sure it isn’t too low to be disrespectful, and wait for their response. They very rarely accept this, there could be a great deal of talking and waving of hands again don’t be alarmed this is normal. If the price you are given is still not to your satisfaction and you see more than one item ask for a price for all, this is also a good way to get the price down.

Most importantly don’t be afraid to walk away, the golden rule here is if the seller will let you walk away, he cannot go any lower.

Bartering should be a pleasurable experience so have fun too!

Sam Rosenberg