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A Refreshing Vacation to Honolulu

Honolulu is the capital city of Hawaii and is situated on the Oahu Islands. It extends from the east of Pearl Harbor, southeastern shore of Oahu to Makapu’u Point. The city is the home to several museums, rocking shorelines, stunning beaches and tropical scenery. The major attraction of this place is Waikiki, famous for its vibrant beaches lapped by warm waters. This place is a complete mix of the ancient Hawaii traditions and the modern life style. The soaring mountains, inspiring natural wonders and the fabulous beaches make this place a perfect destination for a vacation.

Best time to visit
Honolulu receives a large number of tourists during the months of November to March. It is considered to be the peak season when the city is crowded with tourists and visitors. It is the season of major attractions including some adventurous ice games. Summer is also considered to be the visiting time by the ones who stay away from crowded places.

Places to see

1. Beaches
The city is the home to several beaches, the most popular being the Waikiki Beach. This white sandy beach is one of the most crowded beaches in the Hawaii region which offer an excellent place for sunbath, swimming and fishing. There are plenty of other beaches in the region like the Ala Moana Park, a place full of greenery with nice sandy beach perfect for a family picnic.

2. Honolulu Zoo
Honolulu Zoo is one of the largest zoos of the region. The zoo is full of some beautiful animals and also acts as a reserve for the unique species which are not much left in the Hawaiian Islands. The zoo is built on the land granted by King Kalakaua to the people of the kingdom.

3. Volcano National Park
The volcanoes National Park is an amazing location in the island, featuring active volcanoes. You can see the glimpse of the hot and burning lava up close by either flying, hiking, riding or biking whatever suits you. One of the major attractions of the tourist is the Kilauea volcano.

Some of the best hotels which can be booked by you include the Waikiki Resort Hotel, a modern and vibrant hotel located across the Waikiki Beach. All the rooms are comfortable with the traditional touch in their decoration. Aston Waikiki Beach Tower AND Turtle Bay Resort are some other good hotels which can be considered.

Hence, if you desire to spend some exciting and adventurous time with your family or friends, you can select Honolulu for your holidays.

Ashwini KR Maurya