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A July Retreat: Places To Visit In July


The days are virtually endless in Iceland during the month of July. With days stretching to 20 hours, you’ll have plenty of time to explore the beautiful wilderness that Iceland has to offer. The famous attractions including the Blue Lagoon and Reykjavik are always worth visiting, however the warmer weather opens usually frozen roads so it’s a great time to hike, cycle, horseback and kayak through Iceland’s elemental wild.

You will see numerous fjords, glaciers, lava fields, meadows and much more. Visit Hornstrandir a great wilderness, or Thórsmörk a beautiful valley protected by glaciers. If exploring nature is your thing, Iceland is your destination.

Budva, Montenegro:

Budva is the place to party on Montenegro’s Adriatic coast during the summer. This town has its own charm tucked in the cobbled lanes, and its Old Town walls. Exploring this town is a treat. The famous Theatre City hosts open air performances around the Citadel during the month of July. It has spectacular beaches on which you can relax. If you’re into more adventure, you can raft through the canyon walls of the Tara River and paraglide over Mt. Lovcen’s peaks which can easily be visited in a one day trip from Budva.

Barcelona, Spain:

Few cities have the prestige and iconic status that is associated with Barcelona. It has beaches, an amazing history, aquariums, and thousands of city streets which you can explore. The nightlife is also spectacular. If you want an adventurous fun filled holiday look no further than Barcelona.

Lake Geneva, Switzerland:

Switzerland is mostly famous for its amazing winters and ski resorts. However in the summer, the country has a charm of its own especially the Lake Geneva Region. The sun reflecting off its clear lakes is a sight to see. Take a refreshing dip in Western Europe’s largest lake and sip amazing local wine or visit one a jazz festival. Vineyards extend from the shores of the Lake on slopped terraces, you can roam about or taste the exquisite vintages while wandering from one beautiful village to another.

Kansai, Japan:

Summer in Japan is a time of festivals, food and fireworks. And nowhere is this celebrated more than in Kansai which houses two of the country’s biggest celebrations. Japan’s most famous festival, GjonMatsuri takes place throughout the month in the temple filled capital of Kyoto. In mid-July, there’s a grand parade involving chanting locals heaving floats and a week later in Osaka, there’s TenjinMatsuri. Experience the traditions of Japan up close during these festivals.

Nick S Curtis