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Women’s 411: Importance of Using a Lip Brush

A lip brush comes handy in applying makeup. The tool is often used to apply lip-gloss or lipstick evenly on the lips. The brush features soft, short, smooth bristles that can be retracted to prevent damage to the makeup case or bag. It is a good idea to consider using a brush that has been specially designed to apply lip-gloss or lipstick, instead of applying your makeup directly from its tube. Some of the benefits you will enjoy include:

· Apply less makeup

When you make the decision to apply your lip cosmetics using lip brushes you will end up using less of the lip-gloss or lipstick. The brush helps you to apply your cosmetic product lightly, evenly and smoothly without having to apply multiple layers. The brushes are specially designed to apply cosmetics on your lips with precision. This prevents you from getting the lipstick outside the lines of your lips.

· Blend different makeup

Lip brushes are normally used to blend lipstick and lip liner on the lips. The technique of using the brush prevents the liner from appearing too defined and severe. Hence, it helps to give a more natural look to the lips. Many professionals understand blending makeup offers an effective way of making the makeup to look natural and soft, but not overdone.

· Choice of use

Lip brushes can be used by dipping the brush in some lip-gloss or lipstick that has been squeezed on the makeup tray or the back of the hand. Alternatively, you can consider dipping the brush into the tube of lipstick or the lip-gloss tin. For health reasons, it is important to avoid sharing the brush with anyone else. Furthermore, it is advisable to have different brushes. One or two can be used for the lighter cosmetic colors and one or two for the darker colors. This will help to prevent unwanted mixing.

Competitive pricesLip brushes are can be sold in packs with other makeup brushes or individually. When you choose to buy the brushes individually, its price is comparable to other makeup application brushes. When choosing you brush it is important to consider investing in a retractable brush unless you are sure your brushes will be kept safely.

Regular maintenance:

For the best results, it is important to ensure the brush is cleaned regularly by washing it gently using warm clean water and shampoo. When you wash the brush, make sure to reshape it and to lay it flat to dry. Furthermore, the brush should be replaced once a year. If the bristles become stiff or start to fray, you may consider replacing the brush more often

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