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How to Treat a Fungal Nail Infection

Many people who have nail fungal infections do not treat them at all, but putting your head in the sand about this condition will not make it go away. It is essential to treat it properly if the nail is to resume its normal colour and texture. Infected nails look ugly, but they can become misshapen as well and this can impact on your footwear comfort. When treatment is so easy, it seems silly not to do it.

However, it seems that men especially tend to ignore their health problems, especially when they can slip a sock on it so that it is out of sight. Toenails that have a fungal infection and are not treated can become quite painful over time as the pressure of the shoes begins to impact on the new shape of the nail. The trouble is that such infections start off slowly and may not even be noticeable. Then they seem like a normal part of you.

Fungal infections in the nail are not even painful to start with. It might just start off as a bit of discolouration in one corner of the nail. When you cut the nail that area is a little harder to cut than the rest of the nail due to the increased thickness. If left untreated the infection spreads gradually across the whole of the toe and this is when you notice that it distorts, usually rising up higher in the middle at the top edge. There will now be painful pressure on your toe when wearing fitted shoes.

 Nail fungus treatment should ideally be started right from the time you first notice a problem, but even if your nails are already misshapen you can still treat them. It is as simple as painting the nail and surrounding skin with the right solution. It will not cause pain or any stinging in the area. However, it is important to keep up with the treatment every day for the best results.
You can purchase an anti-fungal solution from your local chemist; however, some treatments are easier to apply than others. It is also good if you can find the kind of solution that is gentle and non-toxic. If you are a diabetic you may not be able to use just any treatment that is out there.

Once you start the treatment it is necessary to keep on with it every day until the condition is healed. If this is not possible, there is a clear base coat that can be applied in the interim. This contains an antifungal agent and will help to keep the nail from deteriorating until you can begin the treatment again.

Shawn Lee