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Visiting Canberra With Kids

Canberra is a beautiful, classy city with wide streets, stunning gardens and a bustling CBD but what many people don’t realise is that it’s a fantastic destination for a holiday with kids. Book some accommodation in Canberra or Queanbeyan accommodation for a week or more and you’ll be surprised how easy it is to fill your days.

Cockington Green Gardens

This delightful miniature town will delight any child (and most parents too). A meticulously crafted mini world includes buildings, railways, landscaped gardens and even miniature children playing. Cockington Green is an award winning tourist attraction and for good reason. Enjoy a meal in the gorgeous Parsons Nose cafe, visit the Rose Room and see the stunning collection of antique dolls or take a ride on the working miniature steam train which circles the International Display.


Questacon, the National Science and Technology Centre has to be one of the most educational, entertaining and fun ways to spend a day as a family. Children and adults alike will love the interactive displays, live shows and fascinating movies. Experience a 5.6 Richter earthquake in the Earthquake House, ride the 360 Swing and feel the whole body effects of rotational physics and g-force, try the Free Fall and experience a brief moment of weightlessness or freeze your shadow in front of a wall painted with phosphorescent paint. Questacon will have everyone amazed at the wonders of science and challenge the way you think.

National Zoo & Aquarium – Canberra

Australia’s only zoo and aquarium combined, the National Zoo & Aquarium is located only 5 minutes from Canberra’s centre and houses a wide variety of both native and exotic animals, as well as Australia’s largest inland saltwater tank. There is a range of tours, animal encounters and keeper talks throughout the day with special holiday sessions during the school holidays. The aquarium is home to a variety of shark species, colourful reef fish and a gorgeous Queensland Grouper.

Parliament House

Maybe not the best thing to do with very young children but older children will be interested in a visit to Parliament House to see democracy in action. There is a free guide service and on sitting days visitors can sit in on Question Time in the Senate. Proceedings of both the House of Representatives and the Senate can be viewed from the Public Galleries in the Chambers if the Houses are in session. A visit to Parliament house will give children some valuable insight into the way the country is run.

Australian War Memorial

The purpose of the War Memorial is to honour and commemorate the sacrifice of all Australians who have died at war. The War Memorial is a museum and a shrine, as well as an extensive archive. Visitors describe it as an emotional experience and somewhere that all Australians should visit. There are regular free tours through the memorial and plenty of information and interesting stories to read along the way. Allow plenty of time to visit the Victoria Cross section to read the many moving stories. The War Memorial is a free attraction.

Canberra is a beautiful city with a plethora of parks and gardens, restaurants and cafes and there is also a great range of accommodation in Canberra suitable for families. Adjoining city Queanbeyan accommodation is also an option with plenty of well-priced family motels and hotels. Canberra is a great city to visit with kids, particularly during the Easter, midyear or October school holidays when the weather isn’t too hot.

Tracey L Christensen