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Enjoying Africa Beyond the Safaris

Africa – the name that immediately reminds one of the dangerous savanna, the majestic baobab trees and the wild animals. Although the modern age has crept into a major part of the continent, yet from the gloomy grasslands where danger lurks every moment to the deep forests on mountains, the old wilderness still remains widespread. These are the things that dominate your mind whenever you are planning a trip to Africa. Yet, there are much more to look for. Even if you are not interested in modern-day Africa and want to spend your time in the wilderness, there can be different ways to enjoy your trip.

Rendezvous with the Mountains of Rwanda

For any traveler in Africa, going for a safari in the plains and grasslands is quite common. Do something out of the box. Visit the mountains of the continent. If you visit Rwanda, there can be options of enjoying trekking on the slopes of the wild mountains of the country. Apart from moving on the breathtaking landscapes of the mountains, you can also check out the diverse wildlife coming your way. The endangered mountain gorillas, which were saved from extinction by the efforts of Dian Fossey and others, are also a major attraction on the trekking routes.

View the Wilderness from above from the Hot Air Balloons

Say no to the ordinary ways of seeing Africa from the jeeps and vehicles. View the sights of the savanna and the wild animals from the top, from spots higher than even the mighty baobabs. Move in the air and keep an eye on every movement of the wild animals from the large hot air balloons. Follow the movements of the wild beasts in Serengeti or other national parks of Africa from the cozy seats of the balloon. It can be even great if you can visit the continent between the months of June and September, when you can enjoy the great migration of zebra, wildebeest, and several other antelopes. Floating in the air and enjoying the amazing wildlife of the national parks and sanctuaries of Africa can help to make the Africa trip into your dream adventure.

Spend Time on the Serene Beach Islands of Mozambique

Forget about the wild animals, the safaris and the busy Africa as well. Spend your time on the tranquil beaches and islands. Are you wondering if such a vacation is possible in Africa or not? Yes, it is. All you need to do is go for the desert island trip in any of the islands of Mozambique, and you can enjoy a castaway experience on the private islands of the country. Spend your days on the island in the most luxurious way. Enjoy the best dishes and spend the time in the islands of Mozambique in the best possible way. This can be one of the best honeymoon travels in Africa as well, where you can enjoy your time in the tranquil beaches.

A Horseback Ride can be Engaging

Moving close to the wild animals might be dangerous when you are on your foot. However, the wish to see them from a close distance is quite obvious. The only way you can do this is to go for a safari on horseback. This can help you move close to the animals and sometimes, you can even move along close to the animals when they are running on the vast plains of Africa.

If someone tells you to spend some time away from wildlife when you are in Africa, it might sound weird to you. But the truth is, you can still spend quality time by remaining close to nature. You can visit the Victoria Falls and some of the other enchanting waterfalls on the misty mountains of Africa. Moreover, you can also spend time fishing or watching the myriad birds of Africa. Whatever you do, it is advisable to plan the trip properly so that you can enjoy it to the fullest.

Thomas Mossman