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Use this Great Old-Fashioned Therapy to Battle Colds this Winter

While we get prepared for this winter’s cold and winter flu time of year, most of us are likely going to the pharmacy to acquire our medicines. We hear help on the way we should raise our consumption of vitamin C, in addition to many other cold and flu combatants, some based around not more than old wife’s tails. However there is one standby that’s been around for hundreds of years yet for some reason lost some of its luster, and that is fresh garlic.

Garlic has over time been used as a medication created by nature. And much of what had been acknowledged by medical practitioners of ancient times but not fully understood is currently coming to light through present day research. Studies show that garlic gives us in excess of 150 different health benefits. Several of these would be: reducing the probability of heart problems, minimizing cholesterol in addition to blood pressure levels and protecting against cancer. But the benefit we are going to showcase today is its effectiveness in fighting drug-resistant bacteria.

A compound called allicin has been awarded much recognition for these benefits, there is however serious skepticism that it is the “magic pill”. This sulfur-containing compound does react with free radicals in the human body faster than every acknowledged compound. Additionally it assaults all types of infections, like antiviral, anti-fungal and antibacterial forms that attack the human body. But it is so unstable that the human system seems to break it down before it has the chance to be of any profit, transforming it into a variety of new compounds. It’s more probable that something other than allicin is doing our bodies all this good.

There are well above 100 chemical compounds found in garlic. Several of them appear to be encouraging, displaying strong signs of absorption. But professionals now seem to be thinking it is more probable that it’s a synergistic working of these a range of compounds which give us the massive health benefits of garlic. However as in virtually all foods that are ideal for us, the fresher they are the healthier they are going to be for us.

Therefore instead of taking any garlic in capsule form, in which you may be receiving hardly any gain from whatsoever, try integrating fresh garlic to your cooking. Like several herbs and spices it is able to provide your foods with lots of character, and anybody can do it.

Garlic should be prepared from the garlic cloves in several varying ways, but you will likely find a couple of approaches and continue with them. Also, peeling the cloves may be a bother, but if you want to avoid this nearly all high-end markets provide the cloves peeled, enclosed and chilled. I love it on fresh salmon with squeezed freshly squeezed lemon juice plus oregano, after that baked. I used to sliver the fresh garlic, but then got a garlic press and began using it. The first time I used the same quantity of garlic, only pressed it and it ended up being overwhelming. A little actually goes a long way.

But as we approach the cold and flu time of year, we should search for innovative and natural ways to battle those little bugs. Adding garlic with your cooking may be a great way to make this happen.

Jim O’Connell