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How To Boost Your Immune System Naturally

Do you need to boost your immune system? It might surprise you to learn that there are more bugs in and on you than there are cells in your body. But, that doesn’t mean we get ill all the time. You get sick when your body is tired and stressed. It’s for this reason that your immune system needs to be in top shape. Taking an immune booster is one way of helping it stay that way. In layman’s terms, immune boosters are substances (herbal or high-dose vitamins) that are able to help fight off infection.

One way to boost your immune health is to explore the world outside. Take a walk or jog, move around your street to stretch those sleepy muscles. Exercise is definitely an immune system booster, but it is not just only exercise that can help you. Fresh air and good environment is also an immune system booster. So, just combine the two and you will get the total benefit of natural immune booster. Fortunately, there are some very easy ways to increase your digestive and immune health at the same time. For one thing, you can start replacing those less-nutritive foods with healthier choices. Getting plenty of dietary fiber (upwards of 25 g/day) and sufficient water to move it through your system helps sweep the intestines clean, ensuring that they can optimally interact with and get the most out of the food that passes through them. Another frequently overlooked immune booster is good, quality sleep. Deep sleep is your body’s prime time for building infection-fighting proteins such as antibodies and cytokines.

 Having a healthy immune system is the building block to a healthier life. But how do you increase immune health? One way is to get plenty of fruits and vegetables into your diet. Berries that are rich in antioxidants are proven immune boosters. Sometimes you can’t get enough fresh fruits and vegetables to help boost your immune system. There are also other vitamins, herbs, and supplements for immune health to consider, including vitamin D, echinacea, goldenseal and zinc, garlic ,just to name a few. The immune-boosting properties of garlic seem to be due to its sulfur-containing compounds, such as allicin and sulfides. Garlic can also act as an antioxidant that reduces the build-up of free radicals in the bloodstream. Fish is also very helpful for immune health and will provide your body with highly beneficial Omega 3 fats. It boosts a weak immune system because it increases the bacteria fighting white blood cells and strengthens cell membranes.

Watermelon and Elderberries are also used for their immune health benefits. Watermelon is full of fantastic nutrients, but the one that makes it a powerful immune booster is glutathione. The immune system works best if the lymphoid cells have a balanced level of glutathione. Low glutathione levels are connected with many diseases.. One of the reasons for watermelons effectiveness as an immune booster is its high antioxidant levels. It rivals vitamins C and E in antioxidant benefits as well as bilberry and other highly touted berries. Historically, Elderberry has been used in the treatment of influenza outbreaks and studies have shown it has effectively treated several strains of influenza. It has also been proven to shorten the duration of symptoms.

Lisa Joseph