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Perfect Natural Hairstyles for Your Holiday Party

Looking for that perfect hairdo for your upcoming holiday party? It’s the perfect time to try something new. You could end up being the one turning heads at the party, having people ask about your new style. From updos to long natural curls, here are a few great ideas here that could be the perfect look for you and your night out celebrating.

1) Pin Curls

Wash your hair normally and only towel dry it. Your hair needs to be damp for this styling process.

Create the part in your hair if you typically have one.

Apply a leave-in conditioner and a gel (a product with a holding agent).

Take sections of hair about one inch in size. Create a small loop at the end of the hair and roll it upwards until you reach the roots.

Use a bobby pin to pin the curl at the root.

Repeat steps 3 and 4 until all your hair is pinned.

After the hair has completely dried, you can remove all the pins.

Either finger comb or gently brush the curls and style as you’d like!

2) High Bun

Start with stretched hair from blowing it out with blow-dryer or from a twist out or braid out – any way so you have your full length of hair.

Use a wide-tooth comb to detangle your hair.

Flip your head and hair over so it’s upside-down and comb up toward where the bun will be.

Apply a smoothing gel on the outer layer of your hair as you gather the hair for the ponytail at the crown of your head. Your head and hair are still flipped over and upside-down.

Secure the ponytail with an elastic band.

Bring your head and hair upright, and spread out your hair from the ponytail evenly over your head.

Grab a section of hair on one side of the ponytail and twist it under as you are curving it back around the ponytail. Add more hair to the section as you pull it around until all your hair is tucked under the bun around the elastic band.

Use a bobby pin to secure the end of the twist underneath the bun.

Smooth strays with a bristle brush and smoothing gel.

3) Wash and Go

Wash your hair normally and ring out the excess water.

Take a towel and squeeze-dry the ends of the hair.

Divide your hair in two half sections and apply a leave-in conditioner. Smooth in a quarter-sized amount for each side, then a nickel-sized amount for just the ends on each side.

Then, use a quarter-sized amount of curl jelly to smooth through both sections.

Let your hair air-dry.

Why not end the year with some great hair? When you’re getting all dolled up for parties, it’s nice to have hair that matches. Plus, it’s the perfect opportunity to have some fun with your hair! Wow everyone at your upcoming holiday party or get-together with one of these great natural hairstyles.

Many natural hairstyles, including the ones mentioned above, require a good smoothing gel. Try our Herbal Cream, which is all-natural and will work great for any of these styles!

Dr Dana Nettles