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Discover your lip shade destiny

Red is the color of love, romance, passion, style, trend, gorgeousness and the true beauty. People love to wear red and especially the girls are always liking the red in their dresses, make up wears, shoes etc. In this festive season, there are so much parties and social engagements are happen here and there. So girls have to prepare themselves for the parties always. To look more beautiful, they are using the eye makeup, skin make up and the most important is the lip care. Lipstick is the most excellent part of lip care. Girls are loving to complete there make up with a touch of lipstick for any occasion. In the royal parties, festivals red is their favorite color of them and it also suits with any image and any type of dresses like Indian, western or Indowestern.

Girls love the branded lipsticks, since lips are the softest and the sensitive part of body. Red carpet lipstick is one of the top brands of lipsticks. The top most red carpet lipstick shades are

Saint red

Girls can choose this color for a classy look for their daily offices or colleges. They will have the great experience of awesome creamy matte saint red lipstick, with the UV rays protector and SPF 15.

Sinner red

The sinner red carpet lipstick will give you the stunning look for every party. This red lipstick consists of vitamins, moisturizer potion, UV rays protector, anti suntan formula and SPF 15. This lipstick will provide you the gorgeous look which you had looked for.

The metals red

This metal lipstick is specially designed for you by keeping in mind the thought of girl’s wardrobe. This metallic red carpet lipstick will match with your any casual outfits and it also mesmerizes your lips with the glow of golden metal. This lipstick consists of SPF 20 and the extra moisturizing potion.

Queen red

This queen red lipstick is truly designed for your royal parties, wedding ceremonies and the important social engagements. Girls will be feeling like the queen by the sensation shade of red color. This lipstick is neither glossy, nor so much matte. It is the perfect combination of glossy and matte.

Red matte revolution

This is the latest innovation of red carpet lipstick brand. This lipstick will moisturize the lips all over the day. It is the most long-lasting lipstick in this brand. It consists of jojoba oil, Zia maze oil, cream, anti sunburn and the most important ingredient is water. This is the revolutionary red matte lipstick for your all invitations as well as the casual parties.

Passionate Red

The girls will be fallen in love with the attractive color of this passionate red lipstick. The gloomy red color creates you the central attraction of every party. Girls just need to touch the lipstick with their lips and then the magic creates.

The red Bombshell

This lipstick will give you a very girly look, because this is not very dark as well as not very light. So anybody at any age can make use of this lipstick in colleges, offices and so on.

Girls can create a magic of their beauty with the red carpet lipsticks. These lipsticks are made by the pure vegetarian oil, cream, the all good nourishing potions, so it will make your lips healthy, happy and blushing always.

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